Why I Believe that My Brother Stephen Wesley Shurter is a Serial Killer like Our Father

The first time I began to suspect my brother was a serial killer was when I was fourteen, when he and our oldest sister Cindy reported me to the Minneapolis, MN police as a serial killer who had been going into gay bars and killing men in town at the time. Arguing that I looked like Jeffery Dahmer, the well-known notorious serial killer who was eventually caught, I always suspected there was much more to the story. Considering that ALL of my older siblings lived in the area at the time, and Stephen, who was 27 then, ALSO resembled Jeffery Dahmer in a strange way- it has been my contention that Cindy and Stephen were trying to set me up at 14 to take the fall for Stephen- who later encored a legal history of harassing and physically accosting prostitutes here in Omaha about 10 years later. Personally, considering his self-hatred with regards to his own sexuality- I think it is very possible that Jeffery Dahmer was NOT the predator that was killing men in Minneapolis, but rather, it was my brother- who had already had a known family history of strange behavior.

Our parents signed Stephen into the armed services as a minor- and his job was as a photographer. Later, when he finally got out and returned home, his ENTIRE portfolio consisted of dead people and graves. Trophy pictures perhaps- it always served to weird me out- but Stephen pretty much did that all by himself.

During the Franklin Credit scandal- a photographer by the name of Rusty Nelson- who was busted for taking much of the child porn that was taking place here in town, reported that Larry King, one of the public ring leaders involved with all of this- had TWO photographers- and considering that my brother’s darkroom, which was his bathroom in his apartment when we all lived in Fremont, Nebraska -was full of pictures of naked children, I contend that my brother was the second photographer involved in all of this.

I think that my father was aided and abetted by my brother and my father’s third wife- Joanne C. Shurter,in the abductions of children such as Ricki Chadek in Omaha, Johnny Gosch- Eugene Martin, and Mark Allen in West Des Moines, IA, and Jacob Wetterling in Minnesota- as well as probably being connected with the ritualistic killings of four children in Michigan called the Oakland Child Killing Murders. These are just the children that I have researched and found INCREDIBLE similarities to all of the cases- like the fact that our family owned ALL THE VEHICLES named in these abductions, and considering that I know for a fact that my father was a child killer- it isn’t a great leap to think that he was involved with these events. However- my brother has his own history, as does his ex-wife Jenny Shurter, which begs the question as to what was the extent of my brother’s crimes?

Two years after Stephen died in Ocean City, Maryland- a man by the name of Larry King Jr. (not the same Larry King who was jailed for Franklin Credit), was sentenced to prison for having an entire collection of child porn pictures that detailed ritualistic sadomasochistic images with a satanic flair. I believe that this collection of original pictures was my brother’s trophy collection, hopefully taken from the Franklin credit period- although I have a sick feeling that my brother didn’t stop until he got ill- so who knows. A blatant indication that our childhood was rife with bizarre events that shattered his conscience; Stephen’s life shows that not all was right with neither he, nor our family, as his history shows that there were many indications that he was involved in more than most realized. I would also like to point out that Joanne, although our step-mother, was only three years older than my sister Cindy- and she was MOST DEFINITELY married to and abusing us with our father at the time. Although my father and brother are dead, along with our oldest sister Cindy- Joanne is very much alive, which is one of the reasons why I think that these events STILL MATTER, considering that many of the offending pedophiles involved are still alive and free- which, in my opinion- needs to be rectified sooner than later.

There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER- and these cold cases need to be re-looked at with regards to my family and their friend’s involvement in them. We all owe it to ourselves to find the truth to these matters so that we, as a collection of concerned individuals, can stop this from happening in the future. And that is my rant for this Sunday Morning.

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