Why Did It Take Me Until Seven Years Ago to Come Forward?

I get this question a lot- and though there are several reasons that lead me to finally involve myself in all of this, the biggest reason was that after my oldest sister Cindy was murdered three weeks after my father died, it cleared all roadblocks for me. You see- had my father still been alive- or my sister Cindy- who has always been my favorite, I would NEVER have breached the subject for fear that I would envelope them into unfavorable circumstances. However, after Cindy was murdered, there was no one left who was intimately connected to my abuse that I cared about alive- and so, having the emotional block removed, I have been able to come forward with no compunction for those still alive who were involved. My brother died within the time of my investigation, which- I may remind everyone, the local officials and Nebraska State Patrol were fully aware of, so that falls on them and not me. Since Cindy’s murder, I have gone full throttle with little rest trying to get all of this investigated, and will continue so for however long it takes.

Another reason why I had to wait was Alan Baer had to die before any leeway could be made with any of this- as he had a history of killing anyone who came forward claiming any information. Now that he is dead, I felt that I should come forward before someone else had the chance to take his place. It might seem that I came out suddenly and out of no where- but I had intentions of exposing all of this for twenty years previously- and I simply took my opportunity to finally get the word out when I did because the timing seemed right. I can not take responsibility for Ms. Owens severe imprisonment as there was simply nothing that could be done at the time. The times are different now, however- and for the first time- people are starting to realize how corrupt our leaders and rich elite are and just what they are capable of- as there is NO WAY IN HEAVEN OR HELL that my family was able to work the way they did alone. THEY MUST HAVE HAD HELP, and so I come with my pieces of the puzzle- hoping that someone with authority will finally have the gumption to look at this and try to make it right.

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