The Satanic Component of the False Memory Foundation’s Spokesperson

Unable to publish any articles on Mesner/Misicko on Facebook because of his proclivity to report and try to get banned anyone who says anything about him, I thought I would publish on my blog some of his most well known connections to satanism, and will ask the question again- “Why does someone who plays with Satanism go out of his way to try and assert that the practice doesn’t exist”? Involving himself in cult activity- he then goes to write against anyone would talk about satanism and it’s practices in an attempt to hide his own activity. Being the spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation- it means that the FMF not only AGREES with miSICKO but agrees enough to publicly endorse the boy as their representative. So why does an organization that has destroyed LIVES saying that satanism and ritual abuse doesn’t exist promote such a person, when it is obvious by miSICKO’s participation that he not only believes in the practices, but believes in them so much that he goes out of his way to promote such behavior- all the while declaring that this behavior doesn’t exist? Strange to be sure- here are some of his websites for you to check out…

Doug Mesner is LUcien Greaves at the Satanic Temple .

“The Doug Mesner Show”
Artist, commentator, and self-proclaimed “One Man Gang-Bang,” Douglas Mesner takes on the world armed with a tape recorder, police scanner, and sardonic wit. Anunscrupulous journalist of the Muckracker/Gonzo School, Doug takes his taperecorder everywhere it’s unwelcome. Bringing pranking to the level of stone-faced professionalism, Mesner’s Show promises to revolutionize Rotten Radio and serve as the definitive audio documentary of the apocalypse.

MIGHT IS RIGHT or, the Survival of the Fittest [Leather Bound]
Ragnar. Foreward By Anton LaVey. Edited By Shane Bugbee. Redbeard (Author), Doug Mesner (Illustrator)

He writes for
The Process Church of the Final Judgment was the apocalyptic shadow side of the flower-powered ’60s and perhaps the most notorious cult of modern times.
Hundreds of black-cloaked devotees, often wearing a satanic “Goat of Mendes” and a swastika-like mandala, swept the streets of London, New York, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, and Toronto, selling magazines and books with titles like Fear and Humanity is the Devil. And within the group’s “Chapters,” members would participate in “Midnight Meditations” beneath photographs of the Christ-like leader. uses a similar swastika-like mandala at its website

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