With Regards To the Recent Criticisms and Death Threats

A friend of mine called me yesterday- concerned for my safety, as someone kept typing “R.I.P. David Shurter” in her chat during her Blogtalkradio show and she was concerned that something had happened to me.  Assuring her that I am fine, I was surprised to discover that I am being threatened on websites I don’t even visit, other than giving others interviews.  It makes me think that I am making a difference, even if it is only getting under the skin of the “other side”.  For those of you who are hesitant as to what I am doing, please rest assured that I am in God’s hands and no one is able to thwart the will of God- and threats are just that- threats.

I have had quite a bit of criticism on another website that I have made everything that I am doing all about me, and I want to address that as well.  Perhaps it is because I am the one taking the hits trying to expose all of this that it certainly feels that way.  Let me remind everyone that this all started in trying to get my father- who I know was not only a child trafficker but a child killer, investigated after he told me that he literally had skeletons in his closet.  I went to the police- I have tried city government, and too absolutely no avail.  He not only confessed to me but too my older sister- who has ALSO spoken to police- but that was useless as well.  I have had to go out of my way to have my father and step mother’s crimes against children investigated- including but not limited to spending the money on a blog and publishing a book in an attempt to get someone to listen to us, which- up to this point- has failed miserably.  The VERY PEOPLE who need to investigate mine and others allegations concerning all of this are not interested in the least, although there are plenty of people who are involved with all of this who are still alive and walking the streets.  Due to the negligence of our elected and hired officials, this whole thing has developed into some sort of crusade for me- as I refuse to relent in my ideological sense of justice and how the world should work.  Despite the criticisms coming from the “peanut gallery”, I will not be daunted, but in order to do this successfully- it is my contention that I must have some sense of self worth in the face of adversity- which is ALL I HAVE FACED WITH THIS.  Or so it feels sometimes.  What some would call arrogance I consider inner strength, and since I am the one on the battle field with all of this- I best have some sort of self worth or I would have been tromped down a long time ago.  That isn’t going to happen- regardless of how many threats and criticisms are thrown my way and so if that is narcissistic- then so be it.  Personally I disagree, but I have been called much worse so whatever.

I believe in myself.  More than that- I believe in God and the direction of Heaven.  It has taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to reach this point and I won’t make any apologies for my conception of self worth.  Besides, it isn’t about me anyway.  Just WHY it is my responsibility to do an investigation, gain proof, and take it to the police as a victim of all of this is beyond me- but it does serve as a thorn in my shoe- providing constant irritation, esp. when you consider how many others, less tenacious than myself, who must have fallen through the cracks throughout this.  Although I am one of two talking about my father and his family- we are certainly not the only two who have come forward regarding the crimes that have occurred in Omaha, NE and yet NOTHING has been done to investigate or bring justice to the many crimes here.  Does this make me angry- your damn right- but what can I do other than what I am doing?  So- despite it all- I will continue continuing on, and bugger my critics.


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  1. I am glad that you are okay.