The Over reaching of the DSM 5 and our Second Amendment Rights

The False Memory pedophile protection squad has been having a hay day with this argument that has ensued over the whole Diagnostic Statistical Manuel and the controversy it has caused among mental health professionals, as the DSM 5 seems to be over reaching and extending itself into diagnosing everyone with everything.  Jumping up and down like monkeys- they are positive that dissociative identity disorder is among those “afflictions” that need to changed- as it is their contention that DID, (once called Multiple Personality Disorder), is a false diagnosis.  Although I don’t suffer from DID, I do, however, suffer from another type of dissociative disorder called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- which I don’t think is under any fire whatsoever.  But I want to point out a few things concerning the DSM 5 and bring to attention the real issues that are at stake here.

First off, I believe that there is a reason why the DSM is so over reaching this time, and it has nothing to do with the diagnosing of legitimate psychological problems.  Nothing exists in a vacuum, and I think that our national politics have some influence here.  You see- there is new legislation to prevent those with psychological problems from having any type of firearms, and I think that the DSM 5 is doing it’s very best to see to it that everyone has some type of affliction, as it would prevent those people from having guns.  Generalized to the point where anyone could get a “diagnosis” with regards to mental illness, it serves to blanket over a large group of people, disenfranchising them at the same time – (as no one really listens too or regards too highly anyone with “mental issues”).  Simple situational problems will fall under the umbrella of the DSM 5, causing those who are generally stable to fall under an unhealthy diagnosis- thus preventing them from owning guns.  It is a reach, I know-  but in a sad and terrible way- it makes sense.

As far as DID being a fair and balanced diagnosis- I also believe the reason why the false memory pedophile protection squad is so eager to dismiss this is because the general consensus regarding multiple personality disorder is that it takes a WHOLE LOT OF TRAUMA to cause such a problem with dissociation, and these types of behaviors are generally associated with extreme and repeated abuse- like what one goes through in the MKULTRA project or experiences in satanic ritual abuse, which the pedo squad DEFINITELY wants everyone to rule out.  Throwing out the baby with the bathwater- they would like people to dismiss DID because of the controversy that the overreaching of the DSM is causing-  saying  that the whole manual is bunk as well as the DID diagnosis.  Personally- I don’t trust the way the DSM 5 has been rewritten, and I think there are more reasons to it than most understand- but just because I don’t agree with certain aspects of the book doesn’t mean that I am able to dismiss the fact that things like “multiple personality disorder” exists, nor does it mean that I am able to simply dismiss the reported trauma that goes with the diagnosis- esp. since I have experienced that sort of behavior personally.

Regardless how anyone feels about dissociative psychosocial disorders and ritualistic abuse, I still think that it is a concern that the DSM 5 is trying to label anyone it can with some sort of issue in order to make them ineligible for gun ownership.  I agree that mentally unstable people should not own guns, but I also realize that is only a small percentage of the population, and as much as we would like to tell ourselves we can- none of us can control everything.  We definitely need some sort of control with firearms, but I think that the way it is being done is manipulative, and the fact that this is starting to develop in such a way that the common man will be diagnosed and have their guns stripped from them will inevitably cross the line into tyranny.


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