Omaha’s New Mayor- A New Chance to be Heard

Just recently- Jim Suttle- who started his campaign with controversy (with his connections to alleged pedophile Matthew Samp, who was accused by a boy named Brad Fuguli in a police report accusing Samp of being in a child pedophile ring the day before Brad supposedly ended his own life), has now lost the office to a city council woman by the name of Jean Stothert.  What this means for change in Omaha, I’m not sure anyone knows, but I have to say that I am excited to have someone in office who isn’t connected to this whole pedophile ring. As a newly elected leader- will Jean Stothert be compelled to have my father and his family investigated for being involved in a child abduction and pedophile ring?  We shall see I guess.

It has been frustrating to say the least that I haven’t been able to get one official to help me expose what my family was involved with.  Lately I have been investigating a lead into Nevada and a deceased serial killer named David Parker.  Involved with satanic activity, this link between my father’s family and this man could explain the connections we had with mines my father’s family owned in Dyre Nevada, and again begs the question of what exactly did my father LEAVE in those mines?  What I know of mines- they seem like a great place to hide bodies- although my father confessed to literally having “skeletons in his closet”, so if I was an investigator- I would probably start there.  Unfortunately- people such as Jim Suttle, Judge Marlon Polk, and Nebraska State Patrolman John Pankonin have not shown any interest in looking into my concerns, and have actually fought me all the way to have anything exposed at all.  Protecting those who are very wealthy- who were involved then and are still alive today, there is a continuation of the cover up that has been the history of this whole situation.  My main question- as always- is WHY?

I will begin to work with this new mayor- informing her of my concerns- and we shall see if Jean Stothert is the real change Omaha has needed- or if she is just another politician working for the benefit of her lobbyists.  Right now- in the news today- are two stories about some of the real estate that was involved with this pedophile ring- the Antiquarium and Twin towers- both involved in the sordid tale, that are now being either completely redone- like the Antiqarium and it’s secret room in the back- or torn down like the Twin Towers- where Larry King and Alan Baer (both heavily involved with the bringing down of the savings and loan Franklin Credit) both had apartments and were well known to host over the top parties that ended with the raping of children.  Looking like Omaha is trying to erase its history by getting rid of or changing real estate- it is much like when the allegations of snuff films being made in the basement of the Hollywood Bar came out and instead of investigating- the city just tore the establishment down and erected a parking garage over it.  Is this another attempt to hide what happened here?  Well, the actions of our local officials and law enforcement would tell me that something is up.  At least the Brandeis’s mansion is still standing at 6724 Davenport Street- which is where terrible games of hide and seek were played- where you were killed if you were found.  Heavily part of the MKULtra experiments that were happening in town- many atrocities happened in Alan Baer’s old mansion- and it is a wonder that it is still standing.  Give it time though- give it time.




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