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“Pedophiles hiding in plain sight”……….Clod Buster
I recently came across an article that basically came to the conclusion that Pedophiles attempt to hide in plain sight. After exhaustive research the author explained that many times a Pedophile will write extensively about child sexual assault. They will also make very loose connections with famous or infamous people, especially those with whom the have philosophical disagreements with. Researchers initially thought these accuser’s were merely garnering attention. They later learned that they were simply “hiding in plain sight” while pointing their fingers at everyone and anyone they could get away with their previously undisclosed and illegal activities with “kids”.

This technique known as “hiding in plain sight” is a common technique used by many, but especially by those who claim to have been a victim of sexual abuse. In most cases researchers have discovered that the accusers suffer from false memories, but most of they time they suffer different types of mental illness while still being able to function in society.

Society is often times thrown for a false loop because the accuser gives a comprehensive and some times impressive account of activities. However, the more attention paid to the accuser the more ludicrous the claims become. For example: the writer will mention that a crime against a child occurred within the City limits. And then will conclude that the perpetrator(s) had to have support from a police chief and mayor or person in the community with some prominence. Most of the time the accuser is ignored and discarded as a mentally ill person.

So I relied….

re Hiding in Plain Site
Yeah- and I was the one who was behind John DeCamp’s book, Nick Bryant’s book, and the British documentary “A Conspiracy of Silence”.

clodbuster- you are an idiot and suggesting that I am a pedophile because I am trying to bring light to my past and some children’s current situation is a straw man argument at best.

You are just irritated that you don’t have the attention you used to have. So you garner a personal, albeit ambiguous, attack on me personally rather than the details of my argument- for which you obviously don’t have the brain power to garner any rebuttal.

What I find interesting is that all of the conversations in support of me- and the only one that remained was Clodbusters. Now what is interesting is that social media is being monitored- which is no secret- and the fact that postings in support of me were flagged within minutes while Clod’s post stays makes me wonder if this is not the argument that my detractors are going to run with.

The problem is that there is so much more to this story than just me or my family that it is pretty obvious to most that I am just connecting the dots others have, up until now- have refused to do. Faxing this to Judge Polk and Mayor Suttle- it makes me wonder just who is behind Clod and his many aliases.

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