Aarron Swartz, MIT, Child Trafficking and American Media…

Yoichi Shimatsu, “Was Aaron Swartz killed by an MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?” Rense.com, January 15, 2012.

I often get asked why I think that events that happened in Omaha, Nebraska thirty years ago are still important, and I always answer the question with my belief that this type of behavior is still happening in our society- and it is only through our past that we are able to understand our present and predict our future. The history of child trafficking has been clouded by our national media- and no one is being told the truth as to just how extensive these problems are rooted in our society and higher education institutions. Penn State is a perfect example of how disinterested our leaders are in giving full and honest investigations into these types of behaviors- as no one I have met really believes that all of those people risked their livelihoods and careers for one pedophile, even as magnanimous as one like Jerry Sandusky. As it happened in Omaha in the 80s, our media is feeding us distractions to keep us from realizing in mass how prevalent and profitable this has been for our rich, who are basically spearheading and running such illegal activities, just like they did in the 80s here in the Midwest.

There is more to the Second Mile Foundation than what we have been told, and unless you believe that Sandusky himself caused a prosecuting attorney to disappear along with the hard drive from his laptop- then logically there HAS to be more to the story than what we have been told as the public. Furthermore, it is impossible to dismiss the question as to WHY this happened, as there must be some reason why our national media has dropped the ball concerning all of this.

Seemingly unable to connect the dots, I wonder why the media doesn’t ask the question as to just what the connection with Jimmy Saville and Rupert Murdock is in the UK as you cannot convince me that a country that had such hoop la about eavesdropping on celebrities had NO CLUE as to the “secret” satanic pedophile practices of one of their countries most “beloved”. Since Murdock owns American media- such as FOX news, one has to ask if there aren’t more reasons why our media is as silent as it is concerning these issues, and why issues concerning our nation’s history with child trafficking remains secret.

The “suicide” of Aaron Swartz, although it is in our past- is MOST RECENT, and there needs to be some sort of look into the allegations that he found himself caught up knowing too much about things that our nation’s most powerful would like to keep secret. Is our problem with child trafficking rooted in our higher educational institutions, as events like Jerry Sandusky and Aaron Swartz suggest? I don’t think that anyone can answer that question right now- as no one has bothered to ask. In fact, the history of looking into our institutions concerning children have been blatantly ignored and overlooked- like Boystown and its involvement in sordid activity concerning our male youth here in Omaha. Each time an opportunity comes along that indicates that we need to take a look at such things, it is quickly buried by the rich elite who are most probably involved- as logic would dictate- since the average man has neither to power nor the leverage to control such things.

Why do events in Omaha in the 80s and 90s matter? Because the behaviors have not stopped, and those behind such activities have only refocused and redoubled their efforts within other “venues”. If I were rich and involved with child trafficking, enlisting our institutions of higher learning, along with their connections with nonprofit children foundations would be an absolutely brilliant way of not only trafficking children but laundering the money that is made from such illicit activities. Hiding it out in the open, it is an excellent way to prevent anyone from asking too many questions, as our social mores dictate that we don’t question our institutions as a rule. Instead of considering these things as a conspiracy- it is my contention that it is more a question of common sense, as I do not, for one second, believe that those who were involved with the trafficking of children here in the 80s and 90s just allowed that honey pot to dry up. When you factor in facts such as that Larry King was NEVER indicted with crimes against children and since getting out of jail has since made connections with MORE children’s foundations, it is logical to assume that our institutions are drawing forth pedophiles who are ingratiating themselves with our nation’s children. Jerry Sandusky is but ONE of many I believe, and considering our recent history with regards to all of this, I think that we must educate ourselves with child trafficking in order to learn how to recognize and stop such practices.

One last thing- the False Memory pedophile protection squad on Amazon have been going on and on about children disappearing and the fact that there is no proof of this, so I would like to remind everyone that the Center for Missing and Exploited Children have said that our justice department has reported that 2,185 children are reported missing DAILY- and that is not counting the “throw away kids” who hit the streets unreported. Begging the question as to why our media outlets simply focus on one child at a time, like the year and a half we were forced to deal with Casey Anthony, I am left to wonder, with numbers such as this- why are we not focusing more time trying to protect our children? Offering the numbers that the FM pedo protection squad would like to infer don’t exist- we need to know if these could be indicative of the human trafficking problem that seems to be epidemic all over the world-and not just in the US, and whether the allegations of child murders and secret government projects such as MKULTRA could be inter-related to the situations concerning child sex trafficking, both now and in our long standing history of thus ignored allegations of abuse. This is the only way of effectively bringing a halt to such deplorable activities.

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