Supposedly a Sgt. Mills from The Omaha Police Dept. Responded to Me on Craigslist.

Another thought to consider (Sgt. Mils of OPPD)
I will tell you folks to beware. While not every abused child grows up to become an abuser it happens so often it is common place to see. It becomes the only way to communicate feelings and emotions. The abuser is a narcissist concerned with only their own needs. Now let me tell you a few examples of the kinds of person we are dealing with here. How many plolitictians have we found with a hand in the till and corrupt as a corpse. A public figure concerned only with their own agenda and willing to say whatever it takes to do it. I can think of one big one right now. Then we have many ministers and men of God who have broken their own idealisms for their own greed and lust. Such as being busted with hookers of both sexes. then there are the cops and law enforcement that steal every chance they get. Lawyers lie to win a case not to uphold the law. Then we have people who claim to be helpingthe children but are doing more damage than good. Some very high profile athletes and celebs. No one thought Micheal jackson was hurting the children. These were all hiding out in the open right under our noses. NOt much of a stretch to think there is one more person here hiding under our noses.

Plus we are really tired of you promoting your washed up authors career on here. Been flagged lately? Just another one book wonder? That book is about one of those “All about me” books as anyone has ever seen.

Get back to your doc and back on your meds dude.

This is a great example of the attitudes and projection our Omaha police department is guilty of. Having NO public auditor- there is no one policing the police. In turn – the police do and say whatever it is they want to do and say in order to protect their own.

Do I get flagged? Constantly. Do the “flaggers” deal with any of the issues I present- NEVER. They only enlist personal attacks- and this has not only been on Craigslist but in real life as well. I am trying to present evidence of a crime- and those who are SUPPOSED to look into it only serve to offer excuses why that hasn’t happened by way of personal attacks.

I am not to be daunted. The OPPD is as corrupt as any organization here in town- and it is people like Sgt. Mills who show their dedication to the law with their posts on Craigslist.

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