My Own Reality Check

In my life, I have often found that persistence accomplishes objectives, even when it alienates and irritates people, like the police- who, in my opinion, have done nothing in trying to investigate Franklin- now or in the past, and in fact, as it stands- they stand pretty much involved with the events and the cover up that occurred surrounding the Franklin Credit Union and all the crimes against children that were taking place. It is my personal belief that this has not changed, and though I have been accused recently by the police of “having so much hate” that I “lash out at people”, (which, by the way- is my step mother’s argument- that I am just so crazy and full of hate that she has no idea why I would say the things about her that I have), I want to explain that it is not hate that people are sensing but rather a frustration that getting justice for a bunch of abducted, enslaved, and murdered children is so exacting. As I told the police officer- I am not in this to make friends, but rather- to have all of this investigated, and if anyone is tenacious enough to get this done, it is me.

Going against all of this as I have has not been easy by any measure. I stand to prove that you CAN fight city hall, but doing so has felt like David fighting Goliath, as there is so much money and power against me that it is oftentimes overwhelming. We live in a society where sunshine is forced down our throats and many are taught to believe that the darkness in our society is either nonexistent or so prevalent that we dismiss any sense of responsibility to change it as futile, and it is that complacency that angers me the most. Yes, the violations against me have been many- both in my past and in my present, however, these pale in comparison when I see the world around me constantly looking the other way, or worse, viewing it as some sort of tabloid story. Much of humanity was stripped from Omaha because of this mess, and it is my sense of survivor responsibility that will not allow me to let this go. Going against the grain is viewed as insanity- no one is more aware of that than I, and yet, I must do what I must do in order to sleep okay at night.

I will not, in good conscious, just go along with the status quo in their belief as to what the “true history” is with regards to those supposedly involved in investigating the events surrounding Franklin, simply because it is just impossible for me to grasp that no one knew of what I have been talking about until I came forward publically against all of this. I think Paul Bonnaci is a liar, as was Troy, and I have been viciously attacked and vilified by Noreen Gosch over and over- and yet- John DeCamp has publically said that I am the “missing link” to all of this and has expressed his belief in the things that I am saying, and so why would a woman who was desperate to find justice for her son do such things to someone who could possibly help her achieve her goal- unless that isn’t her goal at all. No stich of physical proof that Johnny Gosch is alive- not a card, not a call- nothing but the word of a convicted pedophile who admits he was involved in the kidnapping and a woman who is claiming that her son is living and hiding out on Indian reservations . NONE OF WHICH SHOULD HAVE ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH WHAT HAPPENED HERE IN OMAHA. It is like a living chaos- and I just don’t buy it.

I bring this up because I have heard, through the grapevine, that 20/20 is thinking about doing another story about Johnny Gosch- only this time linking Col. Michael Aquino to all of it. Now I’m not saying that Michael isn’t involved- cause God knows if there is a pile of crap concerning kids anywhere he is generally flying around somewhere in the area- but my concern is this. I am afraid that what happened last time will happen again.

The last time that all of this hit the media- it was done in such a way that made it out to be unbelievable at worst, and a joke at best- like Geraldo setting up an interview with a family of Satanists that didn’t show up- highly reminiscent of his flop two years before- when he broke into Al Capone’s vault. Col. Michael Aquino- psych ops commander of the United States Armed Services- paraded around in some sort of Merlin outfit- and the whole thing was used to bedazzle the nation into believing that all of the crimes against children were a farce. It worked stupendously- which is why I am afraid that it is going to be tried again. Level after level of bull is being heaped on this situation in order to hide it- and I must admit that fighting it is frustrating- however- that CAN NOT prevent me from expressing my concerns and opinions, and so I will continue using my voice in hopes that some sensibility can be used with all of this- instead of the usual apathy that is dealt with it. Future lives of our nation’s children DEMAND we look at this, figure it out, and change it.

These are just my opinions anyway, and I just don’t want to see all of this lost in the hands of time for another thirty years. So I stand- irritatingly strong, and maddeningly defiant in the face of odds that are almost insurmountable. Crazy or not- I believe there are things worth fighting for- and this is one of them. So I will remain doing just what I am doing- trying to get all of this truly investigated and exposed for what it was, so that history won’t repeat itself.

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