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More On Sandusky and Penn State- Info Sent to Me I thought I Would Share

Dear David, While studying the history of MK-ULTRA, I kept coming across UPenn and Penn State. As you know, during the Cold War big university and Top Ten labs and hospitals were deeply enmeshed with military studies fueled by hefty grant monies and CIA “spychiatrists” and “spin” doctors of all breeds and colors, more than […]

“Animal Farm” at its Finest

A Comment About the Omaha Police Department

You know- to be a cold case detective and be totally incapable of solving any of the cases you have is a sad comment on the Omaha Police Department, esp. considering that Omaha’s finest are CONSTANTLY demanding more money and more people. I am not even speaking about MY situation- I mean- it encompasses the […]

Thanks to the Graettinger Public Library for Hosting a Book Signing for Me

I can’t begin to express my appreciation as to how much work went into my signing- and I just wanted to say thanks. The people who showed were top notch- and I really enjoyed myself. Thank- you!