A Comment About the Omaha Police Department

You know- to be a cold case detective and be totally incapable of solving any of the cases you have is a sad comment on the Omaha Police Department, esp. considering that Omaha’s finest are CONSTANTLY demanding more money and more people. I am not even speaking about MY situation- I mean- it encompasses the whole department. A few years ago a Doctor’s son and his nanny were murdered in their home in a prestigious area of town- and still, to this day- they have no clue as to who did it. I guess that is generally because their attitude against crimes against children is laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Amber Harris was considered a runaway until someone tripped over her rotted corpse in Hummel Park- then Omaha’s finest wanted to be congratulated for arresting the WELL KNOWN PEDOPHILE that lives on the corner of her bus stop. They can’t seem to do their job without the public’s help- and honestly- much of the local population has little to no respect for the department. A good example of this is the email that I received asking me to share any information I am able to dig up on Ricky Chadek- a decades old abduction and murder, while they basically sit on their hands and do nothing- despite the things that they are told.

I am frustrated as to how can you get justice from a system that only seems to want to protect its own- and that includes those who are high in the community that are guilty of crimes. Brad Fuglei made a formal complaint to the Omaha Police Dept. but, like so many others, ended up dead from “suicide” a week or so later, and the matter was dropped like a hot rock- esp. considering that men involved in our current mayor’s election were claimed to be perps. I am saying the SAME DAMN THINGS- and I am not dead- and yet Omaha’s “finest” are choosing to protect my child killing stepmother and father rather than get off their butts to do any investigations into what has been said- even though I have NOT only contacted police- but also have designed a website and have written a book detailing what was happening here- only to have them take the side of my child killing stepmother. I guess it is not feasible for them to investigate crimes against children when so much money is being made on busting homosexuals in the park at night. God knows they do nothing but contribute to the violence in North Omaha, but that is probably to justify their constant demands for more money and man power.

The Omaha Police department was instrumental in making the Franklin trouble go away, and they did their best to shove crimes against children under the carpet- but considering that their former police Chief by way of Robert Wadman was instrumentally involved, all of this is another example of Omaha’s finest protecting its own rather than the community that they are suppose to serve. All the while with their hands open demanding money and accolades for a job that has YET to be completed- even after three decades.

What is most frustrating is that the Nebraska State Patrol will parrot my child killing stepmother by telling me that I am so full of hate that I am lashing out at them- but asking them to do THEIR DAMN JOB shouldn’t be so hard. How many others have they tried to placate with their false sense of compassion as they sit on their hands and do NOTHING. It isn’t like they are solving any crimes against children in the area- but from what I have seen- they have more interest in making people making such claims go away. At least I am still alive to talk about it, unlike so many others.

If the cold case detectives are so inadequate in their job, perhaps Omaha’s finest should consider replacing them with men and women who actually have a PROVEN interest in solving crimes against kids, and not just a history of nice words and friendly smiles. Just a thought for this morning.

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