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Jerry Sandusky…..personalities there-of….. by Peter Tscherneff

No mention of the murdered prosecutor Ray Gricar (or his murdered brother) No mention of the many hundreds (thousands ???) of court cases(in Pennsylvania) whereas children were intentionally placed in pedophile operated institutions for the purpose of MK indoctrination No mention of Sandusky’s “Second Mile” being a favored “roost” fo high falutin Penn State connected […]

A Retraction about The Threat Against My Bookseller

I received this today on Facebook… ” the statement about a Mafia type guy is inaccurate. The man who appropached me was not in any sense of the word a Mafia-type. He was more All-American looking. Blond hair. A larger man. I just wanted to be accurate.” I have a younger brother in his late […]