Jerry Sandusky…..personalities there-of….. by Peter Tscherneff

No mention of the murdered prosecutor Ray Gricar (or his murdered brother)

No mention of the many hundreds (thousands ???) of court cases(in Pennsylvania) whereas children were intentionally placed in pedophile operated institutions for the purpose of MK indoctrination

No mention of Sandusky’s “Second Mile” being a favored “roost” fo high falutin Penn State connected pedophiles….

No mention of what happens when you google Penn State University MK-Ultra
(let alone all the projects remaining off the books so too the net)
(or how many MK athletes were created and have played for Paterno who made a tidy sum in the betting game )

Just the media portraying “Jerry” as a big goofy lovable kid with a “Histrionic Personality Dis-Order”

and we’ve ALREADY FORGOTTEN that half of the jury are directly affiliated
to PSU and it’s MK-Ultra Programs and funding sources

have we a list of all the Second Mile supporters/adult participants ?

Nebraska has substantial college football affiliations some of which are directly connected to PSU….does this indicate a high probability connectionwise to the Franklin-Cover-Up (by Senator John DeCamp) ????

Anyone reading this been abused as a child ? And might like to comprehend
just how organized and protected this arena is and still remains ?
google……so too Franklin-Cover-Up

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