About Franklinfiles.net

I was told that I was making blanket statements about the website, and it was pointed out how unfair I was being, and so, after a great deal of thought, I wanted to write a quick note explaining how I feel.

My history with Franklinfiles.net is just that, history, as the website- like everything else in life, has evolved into one were the info is top notch and the moderators do a superb job keeping the drama at a minimum. Yes, it is true that I have been attacked on this site before- but I need to express that this was YEARS ago, and I have not had that happen for quite some time. Not saying that I haven’t been in arguments, as I have a somewhat jaded view of Franklin Credit, but I have been given the opportunity to freely express myself in a way that I have really begun to appreciate.

I no longer believe that Franklinfiles.net is a sponge site, and I respect its mission to be a safe haven for ALL survivors. I must remember, in all of this- that I only have MY story- and that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other survivors who have their OWN story that differ from mine- so I should not negate other’s experiences. However, that is not to say that a critical eye shouldn’t be used with what is being said- even with regards to me- as no one should follow blindly anything that is being presented but rather- should investigate and look at all of the info before coming to any personal conclusions. This mess is so convoluted with lies and misinformation that this is a necessity in my opinion- as the truth must be sought in order for any understanding to be obtained. And trust me when I say that is not easy with any of the situations surrounding Franklin Credit Union.

The research on Franklinfiles.net is a good way to begin understanding the events surrounding Franklin Credit Union, and I can vouch that those who find themselves on the site will generally find it to be free from drama and very supportive when it comes to survivors. Much of this is because of the new ownership- and I respect the protective grizzly bear personae that the new owner has with regards to her site, and pretty much owe her an apology for bashing the site when the truth is that she has modified and corrected the site in such a way that it is vastly different from what it was before. Every effort to help survivors should be recognized- and I just want to take this opportunity to do just that with Franklinfiles.net. Your efforts are valuable, vindicating, and a strong force for good in helping survivors and others learn what happened here in Omaha, and I just want to shout out a kudos for all your work. Thank you!

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