Email Exchange with the Nebraska State Patrol

Pankonin, Deputy John (DCSO) Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 11:24 AM
To: david shurter
Please monitor and let me know if anyone brings up anything interesting on my case. I appreciate it.

Thank you,

John Pankonin

david shurter
5:43 AM (17 minutes ago)

to Deputy John

I would suggest that you stop waiting for me and start looking into the stuff I have been saying. The fact that (name withheld) at the (place withheld) got a three oclock visit from some mafia type dude who threatened him enough to keep him from selling my book tells a lot of people I am onto something and telling the truth- no matter what you have heard from my stepmother. The fact that she called Bob Frank at least TWICE that I know of makes me think that she hasn’t remained quiet with you either. You may not have called her- but chances are- she has called you.

I realize that it is not your job to get involved- so can you direct me to someone who will take all this and look into it? Ricky Chadek is not my only case I am looking into- and honestly John- neither you nor your department have been that big of help with any of this. And unfortunately- that is the history of your dept. At least you aren’t filling police reports out on me that I have no idea about.

I send this with bcc because it gives people a sense of accountability- or at least that is what it does for me. If you guys wont look into the things I have ALREADY SAID- then I think you should all be held accountable for that. I am not in this to make friends- I am in this to get all of this investigated.

With everything that I have done- and as much as my stepmother hates me- it makes people wonder why she is playing all these games instead of just taking me to court. I know the reason- so does she. And the more you refuse to look into my family- the more you promote the injustice that has been perpetrated. That is just my opinion.


I have also been faxing Omaha’s Mayor Suttle and Douglas County Court Judge Marlon Polk with all of this info as well. Of course- Suttle was helped with his election by someone who was accused, and Judge Marlon Polk was the judge who granted the protection order to my stepmother- so I don’t expect anything out of them other than holding them accountable for trying to make this all neat and tidy to keep the truth under wraps. It is nothing new- but I feel a need to point it out…

“We both know that all the stuff I presented in my book fell through the cracks for a reason. There is big money and even bigger power behind keeping all of this quiet- and this town has a rep for being rough to any of those who involved themselves in what I am doing. Im a big boy- I will take my chances- but in the mean time- I will do what I have to do to try and get the truth out there. Franklin did happen- my dad was involved with a child trafficking ring, and I will eventually expose all this. That is what I know.”

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