The Governmental Spider Web of Franklin Credit Union

I realize better than anyone that what I am trying to detail on my blog and on other sites is hard to wrap one’s mind around. The reason that I wrote Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story was my attempt to put it in black in white in such a way that it was easier to understand than what has been done in the past- and that it is difficult to understand exactly where I am coming from without reading my book first.

Some have suggested that this whole thing with governmental child, gun, and drug trafficking along with the mind control aspect is an octopus, but I disagree with that analogy- and would suggest that it is rather a complex spider web in which it is easy to become stuck on one strand of this mess, without grasping the other links that form the web in its completeness. Each piece is interlinked; however, to appreciate the intricacy of this whole mess, one must take a bird’s eye view of the entire situation. That is what my book has tried to do- whereas my blog at is more focused on the details of every day events and the things that come up in looking at all of this.

Michigan has a major problem with Satanism- and much of the survivor movement started, in a way, in and because of this state. Omaha’s problem is well documented- with not just my work but by other’s, both from Nebraska and beyond, and from what I have gathered from survivor’s emails, my book is not the first, nor does it look as if it will be last- as the call that I have sent out has been answered, and it seems to me that there are a lot of people who want to come forth and explain what has and still is happening to them as a result of our government.

I have connected with several members of the TI community (targeted individuals) and have been learning a great deal about what I went through when I became public with all of this. Hit by secret government sonic microwave weapons and gang stalked, to mention a few details of their similar life experiences, it seems that this government is trying to silence ANYONE WHO COMES FORTH- as the common link to many of the TI community is that they started to become public as to what is happening to them. Now- I am not aware enough to know whether I have been gang stalked personally- however, having mafia type people showing up in the middle of the night to my book sellers house in order to threaten him and his wife in order to prevent him from helping me- I have to say that I certainly have a group of people who are trying to shut me down. This, above all else, tells me that I am on the right track with my investigation into just what my family was involved with.

Stay tuned for some incredibly exciting news from this camp- as I have been blessed with a few people who are interested in helping me with my outreach interests. In fact, we all have a burning desire to expose just what is happening in America behind the scenes. First there is ridicule- then a fight- until finally, acceptance. I, along with others, believe that we are at the third stage of this process, and it is through our experiences that we will be able to shed a true light on governmental abuses in such a way that we can stop them from happening now and in the future. As far as I am concerned- there is no greater privilege than fighting for the truth with regards to all of this- and as such, as promised, I have neither stopped- nor intend to stop- until this is PUBLICALLY looked at as a whole. As the spiritual adage goes- I took the problem to my brother and got no result, then took other’s to help solve the problem to no avail- and so now I must involve the entire village so that this can be dealt with as it should. My next project- with the help of a fantastic group of people- is going to do just that, so keep checking back for more info!

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