An Explaination to the Previous Post

I want to explain where I was going regarding the situations in my previous post, and explain that it is the connection that Michigan seems to have with much of what I am talking about, and that I was shocked to find that Mitt Romney’s family has such instrumental ties to the state- esp. at a time when four children were satanically murdered in Michigan. Just like Ricky Chadek- they were abducted by someone who took care of them for a period of time where they were feed and bathed only to be murdered a week or so later. Considering the fact that my father was involved with this same activity, and that he was born in Niles, Michigan and our family owned a farm and the town of Cassopolis, Michigan- I believe, knowing what I do of my family and their friends, that this situation in Michigan could very well be related to that which was going on in Omaha and the surrounding communities with regards to not only Ricky, but others as well. How many satanic murdering pedophiles can there be? And the fact that my family lived in areas were these abductions took place- my aunt in West Des Moines, my siblings in in and around the area of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, as well as what was going on in Omaha- my question is could all of this be connected?

As far as Mitt goes- the fact that his family Is so heavily involved with a state that has SERIOUS problems brings forth a red flag for me- and though I do not believe nor trust Cathy Obrien- as I have heard from numerous people that she is being run by the CIA- I have to say that the fact that this connection exists between Michigan and Nebraska is what I am interested in. All of it- once again- gives my family the opportunity and they certainly had the time and motivation to be involved with such things, and so could this all, in some sinister way, be connected to each other? Right now I am inclined to think it is, and that concerns me on a myriad of levels.

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