I Saw Mitt Romney at a Rally Today

I went to the rally to see if he would accept a book, which he didn’t. When I shook his hand, I asked him for help and he responded that he was helping, that he was “helping America”. He had no idea what I had been speaking about, and didn’t want to take the few seconds it would have taken to listen to an American individual. Too busy playing rock star, I found him to be just as attention hungry as Obama, and just as disconnected. Our politicians no longer take the time to listen to the people as they are too busy offering campaign promises to really learn much about any specifics of what is happening in each individual area. Mitt Romney is just as disconnected to the people as Obama, and just as disinterested in the specific problems in our land. Of course- blaming others for those problems always is an issue- as I listened to Mitt and most of his campaign is basically “I am not Obama”. Well, as far as seeking justice for a group of murdered kids here in town, Mitt proved himself to be too busy- but at least we didn’t name the town after him as we did with Omaha the day I went to Obama with all of this. However, the issue remains the same- how can we ever effect change if our politicians are too busy to even take a minute to listen to the people?

But he is making a fortune on his clever marketing…


MKULTRA Victim Cathy OBrien on Mitt Romney’s Father Governor George Romney


It was in Mackinaw Island that I first met then-Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, a professed Jesuit. Through conversations that I overheard between him and Governor Romney, I learned how the CIA and the Catholics were merging their information for NWO controls.

Michigan’s Governor George Romney was very much interested in implementing mind control of the masses. He wanted to bring the Satanic rituals of child abuse that were proliferating in the Catholic Church into the Mormon church. He wanted a robotic society growing up within the Mormon church so that they would give more money to the NWO effort.

One of the things that he instructed me to do was to attend the Muskegon Catholic Central High School — which was very much involved in this ClA/Jesuit merger of mind control information. Through implementation of trauma in the school system, a person such as myself would photographically record whatever I was taught. I got all A’s but I didn’t gain any information I could use. I couldn’t think to use anything that I had learned, but I was recording facts and that’s what they were interested in.

……Governor Romney was also interested in an early version of the Global Education 2000 Program (Outcome-Based Education) that’s infiltrated our school system It was designed to increase our children’s learning capacity while decreasing their ability to critically analyze. As a result, the Michigan education system ranked first in the nation for many years but the devastation to the children was horrible.

Sex, Lies, and Mind Control by Cathy O’Brien

Here is the video of MK Ultra victim Cathy Obrien talking about going to the Michigan Governors mansion in Mackinaw Michigan. The Governor of Michigan when she was a child was Geroge Romney Mitt’s father .Cathy grew up in Muskeegon Michigan in the 1960s and 70s

This is really important considering that I believe my parents and their friends are somehow connected to the Oakland Child Killings back at the same time. Michigan is incredibly connected in some way to the events that played out here in Omaha- and I wonder if there is a larger picture that none of us are actually aware of yet. Yet being the key word here.

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