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There Are Some That Should Pray Hard That I’m Either Crazy or Lying

Cause if I am telling the truth, and I AM, something tells me that things are not going to work out for them the way they truly believe. Heaven doesn’t like child killers- not does it condone those who are complicit with evil. And child killers ARE evil.

New Video for My Opposition

Cry Havock! And let Slip the Dogs of War Col. Michael Aquino and his friends were psychotic Nazis to be sure- but they DID train me in some really amazing things. But it is like I always told him- you all taught the wrong person your shit. Or the RIGHT person- depending how you look […]

I’ve Never Published Two Videos In One Day Before

Right Before They Posted On Twitter that the Police Had Been at My House- THEY WERE IN MY HOUSE An Addendum To This Mornings Video- An Explanation on the Reaping

Not at Mine But Day After My Last Video Shelby County Sheriff Neil Gross Shows Up at My Sis’s Door

  WOW- QUITE THE COINCIDENCE No Mr. Founder of the Satanic Temple- My Local Police Did NOT Come to My Door Yesterday

No Mr. Founder of the Satanic Temple- My Local Police Did NOT Come to My Door Yesterday

This Video Is For My Chief of Police Derrick Yamada-Obviously Your Absence Was Yet ANOTHER Lie

I’m Not Max Spiers or Issak Kappy or Lori King Etc. Etc. Etc. No, I’m a Different Game Altogether

Hey “Lucien Greaves”-Congrats on Coming Through On Your Threats. But Karma Can Be a REAL BITCH

I have NO doubt “Chief Handler” is Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple. He is mad because his involvement with Nazis and Qanon seems to coming out into the light. But Nazis and Satanists have ALWAYS historically run hand in hand with each other. Despite Doug’s assertions that […]

Doug-As Much as I Appreciate You Begging Me to Stop- I’m Only Doing What I Was Trained to Do

  And it has ONLY BEGUN. Lucien Greaves-Founder of the Satanic Temple-You Can SAVE Your Bribes, Coercion, and Threats Oh, and Doug- I’ve told you repeatedly the ONLY audience I care about is YOU AND YOUR HANDLERS. And I can tell that you all are suddenly starting to grasp the fact that I have been […]

New Email From My Local Sheriff

My local chief of police is in a mental facility and THIS guy is the one who helped them cover up their murder attempt of both me and my sister when they blew up that gas station in Earling. But whatever happens is gonna happen. My reply