All of the Coincidences that Have Occurred After My Argument with Doug Mesner on Twitter

I posted I got into an argument with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple on Twitter on my blog a month ago.

Someone Else’s Article About Their Involvement with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple

In our conversation, he constantly tried to bait me into posting the protection order against me that listed about 15 videos that had nothing to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with Mesner, (which I had no interest in doing), his involvement with the CIA came out, (although he denied it), his conviction that sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth leaves no neurological damage to the baby came out, (although it was a long drawn out argument to get him to openly admit it), and the fact he was around Tacoma, WA when all the crap went down with me in Algona, WA- which is 23 miles from Tacoma.

Of course he denied this- but it was when I brought being told this fact up that he abruptly ended our conversation.

Since then there have been some intense coincidences.

About two weeks later, the Sheriff who was involved with my town in trying to take away my dogs and convict me of a crime for having them committed suicide. 

There Is A Larger Picture Concerning Earling IA Going After My Dogs

Two weeks after that- the gas station across the street and less than 1/2 a block from me exploded.

The first explosion happened as I was in the shower. I didn’t hear it as I had my head underwater.

The original explosion and it’s cause has YET to be determined.

The SECOND explosion happened 10 minutes later- which turned the place to rubble.

That one I not only heard but saw as I was just out of the shower and was standing by my bathroom window.

Had the part of the garage that faced my house fallen in the first explosion- the 300+ lb pieces of concrete debris that ended up 9 blocks away in a field would have hit my house.

Since my upstairs bathroom directly looked out over the gas station- needless to say I would have been seriously hurt and most likely killed.

Right after the explosion, I was told that a car load of guys had been in front of my sister’s house (which is right across the street from the gas station and which was heavily damaged in the explosion) at 1:30- 2:00 am the  previous Saturday night/ Sunday morning (the gas station’s first explosion was right before 9am Monday morning).

This is weird as NOTHING was open and I was told it sounded like they were “chopping wood” but when my neighbors looked out the window- the men turned on their brights of their car preventing anything being seen.

And all of this has happened within a month of my argument with Doug.

This is what I am guessing. Sheriff Donavan was being blackmailed or coerced into doing something against me that he didn’t want to do- and rather do it- he committed suicide. Blackmail and such is a common tactic of the CIA.

When that didn’t work- they blew up the gas station. Again- had it gone the way they wanted- it would have killed me in an “accident”.

What is ALSO interesting is that the city clerk in town, who is directly named in the lawsuit the Iowa Civil Liberties people are bringing against the town, called me that afternoon to, in her own words, “see if I was alright”. 

It is my opinion she was in hopes that I wasn’t – as we are NOT friends and her calling me makes NO sense since she is being sued on my behalf.

I mean- would YOU call someone who is suing you to check on their welfare? My guess is no- you wouldn’t. 

And right after I moved here 2 or so years ago I got emails from those who were against me that they already had someone in town helping them before I ever got here.

But then I’ve written about THAT as well…

The Drama Surrounding My City Manager and Doug Mesner

But Sheriff Donavan committing suicide and my town’s gas station blowing up less than 1/2 block from my house has been what’s happened this past month following my argument with Mesner.

As you can see- everything has been QUITE the coincidence. If I was paranoid, I’d almost think all of these events were connected. 

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