The Founder of the Satanic Temple Claims He’s NOT Involved with the CIA But He’s Going From Their Playbook Exactly

10 Cartoonishly Evil Crimes Committed by the FBI

As you can see in this video, one of the primary goals of the CIA is to surround a person they deem as a threat as a group in order to discredit them by ways of misinformation and lies.

This is what they have done to me by way of Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner and his group of followers. Good example is this link…

Porkins Policy Radio episode 169 Lucien Greaves and Joseph Flatley on Satanic Panic, ISSTD, and False Memories

And just to clarify things- the only one loaded with cash is Mesner- who sued Netflix because they didn’t present Baphomet in a good light in their series Sabrina and Doug was butthurt by it.

Both Fiona and I are struggling to survive financially- and besides- what would that idiot know about our personal finances anyway?

He just pulls crap out of his butt and expects everyone to just accept it without question.

NO ONE wants the kind of attention Fiona and I have garnered coming forward as whistle blowers. It’s much easier in this day and age to be a Satanist connected to the CIA as Doug has shown.

Another excellent example of these coordinated attacks is in this link. Karen (more than likely NOT her real name) keeps the link up- but then removes the video and publishes lies as to why she removed the video.

As you can see in the comments section- all those who are attacking me are all the SAME GROUP who have gone out of their way to trash me.  Everywhere. As a group.

And they have done the same to Fiona Barnett.

Anyway- this was my response to her games a few years back.

Kara (Free Range Humans), Hoaxtead Research, YouTube and Me

Doug attacks relentlessly- he and the group he is connected too. 

Constantly through the years they have sent agent after agent to befriend me then neutralize me. To stop me from telling the truth of my situation.

Then claiming I’m lying to excuse their ineptitude. Cause who this group is now is NO WHERE NEAR what it was when I was a child.

They have SERIOUSLY scraped the bottom of the barrel as they seem to have lots of ego- but little intellect. 

My family was involved with child trafficking. Doug never discusses this. Why? Because his argument is that all victims of ritual abuse are liars.

He also argues that sticking your dick in a babies mouth doesn’t cause any neurological damage. This argument is one only one very demented pervert would make in my opinion.

But then that is the Doug I have come to know. A lying, vindictive, dangerous sociopath who has ZERO ability for self reflection and who will hurt everyone he deems beneath him (which is anyone he can’t use or has a need for).

I’m being microwaved to death by weapons the US Air Force to Congress in 2006 they had and were going to use on the American people to show the rest of the world they were safe.

The same weapons they used on the Cuban and Chinese Embassies. 

And it’s 2020 and these weapons are still “secret”- so obviously they aren’t safe.

Anything I say Doug will claim I’m lying. Like the fact that I was told he was around Tacoma WA when all that crap was happening to me in Algona WA- a mere 25 miles from my house.

But then I shouldn’t be surprised since I knew there were Nazi Satanists heavily centered in Olympia WA and Portland OR. As they say- birds of a feather flock together.

The question I have always had for Doug is if I’m such a liar- why does he have this obsessive need to constantly follow me around to try and convince everyone of the fact.

As he has done for YEARS now.

Does he really think that if I’m such a liar- people would be too stupid to realize it without him constantly pointing it out?

Or is it more that he is scared that others will listen to the truth of what I’m saying?

Fact is- his co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee claims Mesner (which is no more of his real name than Lucien Greaves) said Doug is working with the CIA.

And what is obvious is that he is playing from the CIA playbook exactly. Him AND his group. 

Exactly identical.

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