The Symptoms of Being Attacked by Directed Energy Weapons

DEW symptoms: Causes headaches, intense psychological and physiological stress in that you can feel all your insides. It stresses the heart, causes insomnia, completely prevents deep sleep, and causes severe muscle aches.

During a two month period it also made me lose over 100 lbs, caused me to wake with my face entirely swollen, and eyes are unable to completely focus often- although this comes and goes.

Another aspect of this DEW attack is nausea. Extreme nausea. However- Max Spiers once said if a person lives long enough through these attacks- without having a heart attack or stroke- the body adjusts to them. It seems he was correct.

Oh- one more symptom of my DEW attacks is major and FAST hair loss. I lost hair by the handfuls within two months of first being attacked. I still am actually, even though I have never had this issue before- and it came on suddenly and furiously.

There MUST be a reason why I have been able to survive these DEW attacks. God is keeping me around for some reason as I believe God is the ONLY reason I am still here. By all accounts I should be dead by now or at least have brain damage, (which is another common aspect of these attacks as seen by the Cuban and Chinese Embassies attacks), and yet here I am- still.

But this is a list of my symptoms since I have been attacked since a year ago last March.

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