The Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case ISN’T Solved, and I Am Not the Only One Who Disagrees With the FBI’s Conclusions

Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmudson is disputing FBI AL Gerber’s investigation into the Jacob Wetterling abduction that happened in Minnesota in 1989.

And there is good reason.

This 28 year old cold case was solved LESS than two weeks after my interview on the John B. Dell’s radio show detailing what I knew about my father’s involvement with the Jacob Wetterling abduction.

Since this case was “solved” (and I use that term loosely as I will explain), my detractors have used this to try and completely discredit me- as they have bragged about constantly.

However- the abductor pics changed right before the FBI’S conclusion- their argument being that people remembered more detail 28 years later than they did at the time.

If They Solved the Jacob Wetterling Abduction- Can You Explain WHY the Abductor Pics Were Changed?

The problem is that, according to those pictures- their suspect Danny Heinrich- doesn’t seem to have aged in 28 YEARS- despite the fact that he has spent a majority of his life in prison.

In fact he was in prison when they obtained his “confession” .

Also- despite his “confession” of abducting and murdering Jacob- the FBI didn’t bother to charge Heinrich for his crime.

More importantly- investigative reporter Timothy C. Holmseth has reported that the “body” they found and claimed was Jacob’s WASN’T EVEN HUMAN REMAINS!

But it nonetheless made this case completely go away.

The FBI has a history of making child abduction and horrific abuse cases go away as it was FBI Kenneth Lanning’s report in the 80’s that quelched all the accusations that were coming out not only nationwide in the US, but also in the UK and Australia as well.

All of the same types of accusations at the same time despite the fact the Internet wasn’t around yet. Of course the army fighting these accusations blame them all on a book- “Michelle Remembers” and the worldwide “mass hysteria” that resulted from everyone reading this book.

I stand by what I said on the John B. Wells show- and I think the “facts” of the FBI’s “conclusions” are further proof of the cover up that surrounds this case.

And considering what Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmudson is now stating publicly- I am not alone.

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