I Was Asked to Discuss the Tactics of Discrediting the Pedophile Protection Squad Uses

The targeting tactics this group uses to go after victims and their advocates are vast and know no boundaries. Their goal is to discredit anyone who stands against their child trafficking enterprise, to prevent anyone from listening to them, and hopefully to silence the whistleblowers permanently- esp by death.

Years ago I did a video with Pat Goodwin where we spoke about the targeting of authors on Amazon who spoke about this mess and detailed the methods that were used to discredit and silence people.


Their most used attack is something that is very common- lies and gossip. Their method even has a name- the “Woo Woo” tactic. Basically it works like this:

1. Start by making defamatory comments- always as an anonymous person, against the person you are attacking.

2. Always argue with a circular argument and never acknowledge anything that is stated about you personally but keep the focus on your target. Repeat your lies relentlessly and with as much venomous conviction that you can muster.

3. When your target starts to get angry or show any emotion, vigorously point it out- and use their emotion to show how unstable and mentally unbalanced they are.

4. At the same time, use their arguments against your lies to make yourself out to be the “rational” one and, in the process- how you are really the one being victimized by your target.

5. Do this on as many venues as you can and encourage your target to believe they are isolated, helpless to fight back, and totally alone in their defence.

6. Most importantly, convince your target that the only way out of these relentless attacks is self destruction. Suggest to them that silence- or suicide- are the only true methods of escape- but do this as covertly as possible- only hinting at it and never blatantly stating it except in cases where it can completely stay undetected.

These methods are commonly used online but are just as effective in the real world as well.

They seek out your friends, co-workers, and family to spread gossip and lies to them in order to turn them against you, saying whatever they can think of to achieve their objective. They realize the fundamental reality that gossip- the more salacious the better- generally spreads much faster than truth.

Their objective is to turn as many away from the victim as they can while encouraging the victim to feel as isolated and alone as they can.

In some cases- they enlist the very family members that were part of the victims abuse. This is not only true for Fiona Barnett and her uncle- but myself as well, as they (and “they” refers to Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves and his followers), have enlisted my very family members I have sought to be investigated to spread lies in order to discredit me.

But the attacks rarely stop there. They almost always go after any support the victim has in their lives- including their pets. Fiona had her dog poisoned, mine twice- and now I am in a court battle to keep my dogs RIGHT NOW. Anything to isolate their victim.

One question that often arises is how are they able to enlist others to help them but this answer is simple- they PAY them.

This is how so many victims are able to be attacked with these directed energy weapons- which is ALSO another of their main methods of attack.

This is the most effective way to convince victims to kill themselves- as it convinces the victim that not only are they alone but, more importantly, are surrounded by their oppressors to which there is no escape.

They feed this idea by constantly breaking into their victims houses and harassing them by stealing things or somehow making their intrusions known to their victims.

And rarely- if ever- is there any justice for the victim- as this group will call their local police and convince them the victim is mentally unstable- as was shown by my police in Algona when they showed up at my house at 3am after someone (or someone’s) in Australia got ahold of them and reported I was suicidal. Of course, when the police showed up, they woke me up as it was 3 in the morning.

Hard to kill yourself when you are asleep but this fact was lost on my obviously oblivious policemen.

This is just a small explanation of the campaigns they wage against victims as there is nothing they won’t stoop too to achieve their objective. And that objective is to silence the victim any way they can.

This also includes locking them up in mental institutions – as they tried to do with me in Algona- putting them in jail for no reason- as they have done to the UK whistle blower Melanie Shaw and many others- or murdering them- as they did to Max Spiers and Lori King (and again- many others).

They ALSO send people in as “friends” of the victims who are there to keep track, control, and attack the victim. Like my city clerk- who, after living in this town for three years- has no friends, yet befriended me even before I left Seattle and now is the primary cause of this court battle I have with my dogs.

They will do anything and stop at NOTHING to protect their multigazzion dollar child trafficking enterprise. Attacking victims and their advocates is just a part of it. And they will enlist anyone that they believe can help them with their objective.

And our supporters are NOT safeguarded from these attacks- as I have been told by many of my supporters how people have showed up at their work or out in public and brought up my name only to follow it up with ambiguous threats against their families and children.

More often than not- these supporters stopped being vocal about their support for me. And I am far from alone- as many other victims- including Fiona Barnett- have reported experiencing the same type of attacks against HER supporters.

The key to realizing who is real in all of this and who is not is the size of the campaign discrediting them. If there are myriads of videos, articles, and websites defaming them in what- at close look- looks like an organized campaign against them- chances are they are real. If not- then chances are they are controlled opposition.

So this is just a brief explanation as to what is being done to silence victims and their advocates.

And trust me when I tell you this is hellish and no one would want to invite this BS into their life simply for attention- as is the argument most used against us. Considering everything victims and their advocates have to endure- this argument is ridiculous and beyond senseless.

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