Why I WON’T be Going to the DC Rally March 25th

Honestly? Okay- yeah- it bothered me that you were EXACTLY like me in your thoughts and attitudes. I agreed that we seemed to be reflections of each other when you made this comment- but then when you- AS A FUCKING STRAIGHT DUDE- STARTED TELLING ME WE WERE TWIN FLAMES- THAT was fucking weird.

Of course- after I was reminded of the “mimicking” shit they do- it made perfect sense how we seemed so similar in nature.

Then for you to tell me you could assure me you could set up a meeting between Michael Aquino and myself- THAT was a red flag- because the ONLY way you could do that is if you KNOW HIM.

But THEN- telling me I was paranoid because I wouldn’t let you push me into calling and reaching out to motherfuckers I KNOW are bad- THAT WAS THE LAST FUCKING STRAW.

Lori King wouldn’t allow herself to be paranoid- and now she is dead. Max Speirs wouldn’t act on his mistrust- now HE is dead.

You fuckers truly believe you are the smartest motherfuckers in the Universe- but that is NOT the case.

So yeah- I have issues with this rally and those behind it and thus I have acted accordingly.

Your dad might be retired CIA- but something tells me there is NOTHING “retired” about YOUR career.

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