Mesner’s False Memory Bullshit

Hoaxtead claims Justin Sanity ISN’T Doug Mesner- but I have only fought with this idiot hour after hour, day after day, year after year- in the 100’s of 1000’s of posts on Amazon and all over the internet- when he had, surprise surprise- OTHER FAKE names- and because of that, it is easy to recognize his writing style.

And the idiot fancies himself the smartest in every room, so it isn’t like his ego lets him deviate from his “brilliance”.

However- this last post by “Justin” mirrors Mesner’s history EXACTLY. What a coincidence. Lol.

But these are the facts- as far as my case is concerned.

1). My dad and step mother were abducting children and killing them in their laundry room- which they had built into a sound proof room.

2). My dad THEN wrapped the pieces in lime and put them in the walls of his master bedroom closet- which he completely rebuilt.

3). My father not only told my older sister and I about this- but ALSO his hospice Dr’s and nurses- which they put in his daily notes but which can’t be read because my step mother had them sealed.

4). When I went to Nebraska State Patrol cold case detective John Pankonin and demanded he take my DNA to compare to other cold cases- having been forced to murder boys up until the age of 10- he sent his sister Tru and her best friend Teri O. Into mine and my sister’s lives.

5). When I confronted Det. Pankonin- he denied even having ANY RELATIVE by that name although it was EASY to prove and not AT ALL unknown to other people in Omaha.

So the REASON why there is no evidence is because I can’t get those who are SUPPOSED to collect the evidence off their asses to GATHER that evidence.

Oh- but i can’t forget

6). Doug Mesner is DIRECTLY connected with an Amber Vollotten, who murdered survivor advocate Lori King in it’s home and then was stupid enough to go all over and brag about it.

7). And he just got a non profit to be directly involved with your children in this “satanic after school daycare” bullshit.

So yeah- you can believe EVERY WORD this captain of the Pedophile Protection Squad says…lol

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