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So I want to deal with this comment on Hoaxstead. I HAVE tried to help- not only get justice for the murdered children my family was involved with- but I ALSO have done my best to network people together so that they can help each other.

Do I have a donation page? Yep. Why? Because NOTHING is for free in this world. But I am CERTAINLY not going to holiday in Spain. Nor is anyone I know who is actually REALLY involved with this work. We don’t have the govt- who is stealing TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the American people- funding us- so we do what we must.

I am REALLY tired of this victim blaming. Vilifying someone who has come forward as a victim in this mess. THIS is the shit we have to contend with. Not that it isn’t all ready hard enough- we have ignorant opinionated assholes to deal with- who are MORE THAN EAGER to share their uneducated opinions.

How many victims has this anonymous person helped? When you see beyond his sickening facade of “compassion”- what you see is someone who would rather victims shut up and go deal with themselves. This dude has NOT A DROP of caring when you read exactly what he wrote- and you can read it in not only what he says- and what he doesn’t.

Like how HE has helped ANYONE who has gone through something HE IS VOCAL ABOUT EXPRESSING HIS DISBELIEF IN…


To the Order-

As you are quickly coming to realize- the New World Order has begun- in fact we are WELL beyond the dawn of that beginning, and you have completely lost. I realize how harsh of a realization this has been for the lot of you- but hey- don’t fret- because it ISN’T as if your efforts aren’t going to be rewarded. Because after everything is said and done- you got ME. And have NO DOUBT- I am going to MORE than reward you for what you have done. Because although I may have found myself BOUND to all of you- I have also discovered that none of you have an OUNCE of CONTROL over me. In fact- just the opposite. And I can’t say that I am not enjoying the transfer of power that has taken place right now. But I am NOT happy about the choice I had to make NOW- so I can’t EVEN IMAGINE what I am going to be like far into the future. But you wanted me to be your God- so be it. And I am going to be EVERYTHING you trained me to be- and MORE.


So- our leaders have gotten caught doing a bunch of shit- and NOW they are claiming they are victims of “fake news”. So conspiracies ONLY exist when they concern THEM. Lol



Let me explain something about the darkness with which I am working. It isn’t a fucking vampire- nor is it bound by the parameters of “vampires”.

If the darkness decides to come in- it DOESN’T need inviting. If it comes to you- it means that YOU HAVE ALREADY invited it in. And if I send the darkness to you- the ONLY way it can touch you is if it already owns you.

And I only send it to those who I think are appropriate.

So you can TELL yourselves whatever you want- you can say as much as you like- do whatever you like- but the ONLY way to repel the dark is with love in your heart.

NOTHING ELSE will prevent its embrace. And I don’t need public approval- I don’t need ANYONE to believe. What you believe or don’t believe is of absolutely NO CONSEQUENCE when it comes to what I was trained to do and how good at it I have become.

However- I only send the dark to those who seem to crave it. I bless most others. But if you wake to the dark standing at the foot of your bed- you had BETTER find some love in your heart- because the darkness KNOWS NO MERCY. And it is MORE THAN HAPPY to spread it’s “joy” around. Oh- and more than anything- IT WANTS TO CLAIM YOU.

So keep that in mind…



Ok- let me explain shape-shifting in Shamanic terms- and take it away from lizard people.

Shamans shape-shift all the time in journeys but what we do is visualize ourselves in the shape- generally an animal- that we want to become in order to derive it’s strengths.

For example- I shape shift into a wolf in order to feel the strength and fearlessness of the wolf. Doing so changes ME- and MY perspective and I don’t ACTUALLY change my physical form.

They are taking concepts that are THE TRUTH and trying to distort them into something they are not. They are making people FEAR these things- when it is THESE EXACT THINGS that offer empowerment to the individual.

The biggest crime they have committed is that they have made all of mankind doubt ITSELF. Why? BECAUSE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN RESIDES WITHIN YOU IS WHY.

They DO NOT want you to connect to this, because it will give you POWER. They only want you to believe in THEIR power- not your own.
But the choice- as always- is yours and yours alone.


lol- but it ISN’T only about a pizza place. It is ALSO about the Bohemian Grove- that ranch Scalia was murdered at- Jeffery Epstein and his pedophile island- Jerry Sandusky and his children’s foundation- Corey Haim and virtually ALL of Hollywood- not to mention what we KNOW went down GLOBALLY in the 80s concerning all of this mess. It is SO NOT JUST ABOUT PIZZAGATE.

And this is just in AMERICA. This isn’t what is happening GLOBALLY STILL.

The Order’s biggest issue is that they believe they are so big and bad- but Heaven is MUCH MUCH MORE. And they are about to learn the hard way how true this is…


So Santa never visits my house- not sure if it is because I wasn’t good or because I wouldn’t sell my soul to him.


A War on Christmas? Does that mean we aren’t going to get any shit this year?



The question was…”So there’s this clown, in an empty bar. He turns to the barkeep and says..”

and my answer was: “now that they have pizzagate- they don’t need me anymore. Do you know which table Ebola and the Zika virus usually sit at?”



THIS is the question that is before us all- what do you love more- your life or your soul?


A big part of my abuse for my abusers was confusion and the inability to think due to stress. THAT is what I am giving back to them. Soon they will have NO IDEA what to do. Who to turn to. And the darkness is going to surround them. JUST AS THEY CAUSED TO HAPPEN WITH ALL OF THOSE CHILDREN.

To the Order…You like fear? LET ME FUCKING GIVE YOU FEAR THEN. See if you get off on it so hard when it is YOU going through it.


To the Members of the Order…

As long as I am here- you have a chance. BUT the SECOND I take my last breath on this side is when the hour glass runs out. Because ALL of Heaven is formed into an army- and once I shake off the flesh- I am TOTALLY UNBOUND. And the sand is DEFINITELY running out- since I just turned 50 and no one in my family lives to long age. And once I cross – and take my position- there will be NO further chances. You wanted a war with Heaven- so Heaven is blessing all of you with that which you have pinned away for for so long. If it is a war with Heaven that you want- then it is a war with Heaven that you shall have.

Oh- and if you are complaining that I am without mercy NOW- JUST WAIT. Because when the time comes- I will offer the SAME amount of mercy that has been offered to so many others- which is ABSOLUTELY NADA.

So keep this in mind as you plot my demise. All that you do has energy to it- and it is THAT energy you taught me how to influence. Anything you do I can use. AND I AM GOING TOO.

It is time to pay the Piper. Come clean and repent- or be claimed. The choice is yours.

But if you end up in the darkness- the choice will STOP being yours and will COMPLETELY be mine- and you WILL NOT like what I have chosen.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


So who won the popular vote? Well- 50% of us chose NOT TO VOTE because we wanted NEITHER and we don’t like the system as it is. THAT is who won the popular vote. So wake up and smell the revolution that is obviously coming- with the people being left with no choice…


So I have no idea if this is true or not but I wonder how many sites are out there trashing me. This is like the HoaxteadResearch website.

I don’t know if any of this is true or not- but i DO want to say this.

Survivors who have gone through this- we are not without our scars. We don’t walk on water- we have failings just like everyone else.

And going through what we do- doing this work- is so stressful that most of you would have no conception.

We are CONSTANTLY attacked- CONSTANTLY ridiculed- and CONSTANTLY lied about.

All in order to prevent us from exposing this crap.

I don’t know what Fiona is doing in her personal life- but I DO believe that she is legit. She is a REAL survivor- and what they are doing to her now is JUST what they have done to ALL OF US who have come forward to speak out.

Is Fiona perfect? No. Am I? CERTAINLY not. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t telling the truth. And yeah- we might be a little crazy- but to get through this you have to be. Otherwise you end up dead or in jail.

But the thing is- Fiona HAS done A LOT of work to expose all of this- and her work IS having benefits. So she is going to be mercilessly attacked. (By people she has come out against- interestingly enough).

This, in my opinion- is all government. I KNOW that Amanda Processor and Sheva Burton- (which is NOT her real name by the way)- are TOTALLY connected to the government- who would like NOTHING MORE than for all of you to let all of this go and pretend it doesn’t exist and isn’t happening.

So they ban together- to make it seem that our dissenters have joined together- when the fact is they were NEVER separate from each other in the first place.

It is all a mind game. If you are an idiot- you will fall for it. If you aren’t- you won’t I guess.


So it seems- after what I have said about Jacob Wetterling- that YouTube has now made it so that I can’t comment on ANY videos. I get “comment failed to post” every time I try to respond. However- no public smear campaign is going to change the FACTS of WHAT IS. And all of these insults waged against me- like I am a paranoid schizophrenic- but they NEVER say what I have done or said to bring them to this conclusion. They just don’t like what I am saying- and so they insult me. It is sad.


So you can see- by this article- where this whole government psych ops operation is going. Is the gunman real? Who knows. But people can identify with one if he is. Are there tunnels under this stupid pizza place? No. In fact- every lie they present IS an actual lie- they are right. But this was all set up on purpose this way. And Alex Jones is a shill. He is NOT a spokesperson that is real- but rather a government sponsored “truth” sayer- and he is fake as fuck. So if they think they are going to use HIM to justify all of this attempted take down of the internet- which is the an actual REAL news source- which is their REAL problem- is a joke. Their lies have become unable to hide with this whole internet thing. So they can spin it all they want- but if THIS is the argument they are going to run with- it is just sad. I mean- did they even THINK how pathetic they would look doing so? The game doesn’t work so well when people are aware of it- and they ARE aware- and more are becoming more aware every day. And it is THIS they are desperately trying to convince you ISN’T happening. lol.



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