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So Pizzagate is dying off? REALLY? Hoaxtead is sweating the fact that people are linking IT with Hampstead. And they do NOT seem to like it. lol



Christmas is SO not about love anymore. I have to stay home so I don’t slaughter these Christmas lovers who will run your ass DOWN to get a closer parking spot- who will attack you if you take the last thing- EVEN IF THEY THEMSELVES DONT WANT IT. I dont want to give these people rocks- I want to give them bombs. (Not literally- but they REALLY suck).


I just reread the protection order papers that I have on my blog and was amused at how much this “death card” means to my stepmother and those she has convinced her lies with. It had a skeleton on the front- from the Mexican day of the dead- and on the back I wrote about the man she forced me to light on fire as a child. THIS makes me dangerous. lol.

Funny how the art piece that I made her never gets brought up. And that has a WAY more interesting story.

Years ago- WAY before I ever mailed that postcard- I had decided to make a Celtic Cross- which was reversed applique so it made it look as if it was stained glass- and it was BIG. Like 4ft by 4 ft. But when I was starting it- I decided I wanted to make it for someone who REALLY needed it. (When I do art work- I often pump prayers and blessings into the pieces- as it helps give them a life of their own).

And so I journey- to go ask who it is that I should make this for- and what is the answer I get? MY FUCKING CHILD KILLING VIOLENT PEDOPHILE EXTRAORDINAIRE STEP MOTHER.

As you can guess- I was NOT happy about this situation, but I have learned by experience that when you ask a question of Heaven and you get an answer- if you know what is good for you you ALWAYS follow through with what you are told.

So I spent 6 months working on this project- bitching at Heaven the ENTIRE time. I did NOT want this cunt to have ANY PART OF ME- and although I still pumped blessings and prayers into it- I was definitely conflicted for a while.

But then I realized the change that was happening in ME. I was becoming softer- kinder- and so, after I finished it and wrote her a letter- which you can read on my blog in the extended version of Rabbit Hole- and delivered it to her at work. I left immediately seeing her come down the steps- so we never spoke.

She, of course- was mad. Mad that I took it to her work- mad at the letter- just mad. But then that is her. It is her against the world- and the whole world is ALWAYS out to get her.

Projection can be a TERRIBLE thing.

My dad, on the other hand- LOVED IT and it touched him. So when she sold it 5 days later- he was heartbroken.

Me? I was SO FUCKING RELIEVED. I SO did not want her to have something like that- and so I know that Heaven used me to use her to get it to the person who really needed it.

But all of this gets forgotten with Joanne. A LOT of things get forgotten by her. But I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN.

My dad is taking care of her. I told him on the other side that he brought that cunt into our family- so it was his responsibility to remove her. And I know that is happening- because I have done it before.

After my sister was murdered- I sought her out and told her to never let her fat fuck of a murdering husband get a moments rest. Not let him sleep- and if he DID sleep- he was to get NO rest.

4 years after my sister was murdered- the fat fuck dropped dead of a heart attack. Afterwards- I was speaking to one of their daughters on the phone and I told her what I had done.

She got very quiet- and then told me that is EXACTLY what killed him. That what I said was his reality for the last of his life. And now he is out of the way and I don’t have to think of him.

What my sister does to her oldest daughter- who was ALSO involved- is totally up to her. But my sister knows I don’t like the bitch and so anything goes. Anything BUT mercy of course.

So what I am getting at is that I don’t have to send cards- or anything else. All I have to do is FOCUS. THAT is what I was trained to do- and it is what I know the BEST.

And I am out to get the bad guys. And funny thing is- none of them will even see me coming- because it won’t be ME who does anything. I just have to do what I do best.

and I have a more recent example. I wanted to see if I could do it to people I didn’t know- who were connected to the dark- and so I focused on Johnny Depp. He wanted the darkness so fucking much- so I sent it to him. Two days later his mother died and his wife filed for divorce. So it seems that I haven’t lost my touch. And it ALSO seems to me that I have the Order by the short hairs. And trust me guys- the fun is JUST BEGINNING.


So if you think Thanksgiving was bad- I just woke up to a notification that my blog had 892 hack attempts in 10 minutes last night.


So regarding my training regarding the Wizard of Oz.

I was taught the perspective that it was a story of complete injustice. A powerful but misunderstood being fighting from being controlled by a fake- who everyone worshiped.

It was presented as a parable to what my experience was to be like.

Funny enough- I don’t recall Glenda ever being part of the picture. But oh well.


So HoaxteadResearch needs to change their name to The Angela Power-Disney Report- since that is ALL they fucking talk about. Talk about BORING.

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