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America just experienced a coup d’etat and right now- BEFORE THEY ASSUME POWER- would be the time to stand up and STOP this- before it is too fucking late. It ISN’T about Hillary Clinton- this is about a group of people – an ENTIRE group of people- NOT JUST TRUMP- who are about to lead us straight into the middle of hell. Please people- wake up and take a stand. Stop your hate- or at least focus it on the right people- and lets come together. We have to take a stand- and stop the violence – ALL THE WAY AROUND.


Yesterday I got into a conversation with a young black man- who was in his early 20s- telling me how afraid he has become being black. THIS IS WASHINGTON STATE- ONE OF THE MOST LIBERAL STATES IN THE NATION. We spoke- and both of us realized that we have WAY MORE IN COMMON than not- and we enjoyed each other’s company while we spoke about our distress where this nation is going. It is like we have gone back in time and NOW racism- sexism- and ALL discrimination has become CELEBRATED. If Pokemon Go showed us anything- is that if you give us all a goal- we will WORK TOGETHER. 1000s of people out on the streets- liking each other and getting along. DO NOT LET THIS HATE BULLSHIT FUCK YOU UP IN THE HEAD. MOST of us are NOT hateful. We love each other. LET THAT LOVE SHINE. Stop feeding into their hate bullshit and realize that we are all in this together. If you need to have an US VS THEM mentality- I suggest you determine who THEM really is. IT ISN’T THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE ANY MORE POWER THAN YOU DO.


I have people throwing this idea about discrimination around- so let me throw in my two cents. Not treating people as equals is discrimination. PERIOD.


I have a new slogan for America- and this one is actually honest. What is it?



I have been accused of being in league with the darkness- and I just want to say that this is totally true. I am. Why? Because the darkness KNOWS itself- and there is NO BETTER WAY to separate the wheat from the chaff. People think that they can DO whatever fucking thing they want- and just excuse it with false bravado- but this is folly. If the darkness sees itself within you- YOU WILL BE CLAIMED. So I suggest you all STOP looking for sin in your fellow man- and make DAMN SURE the darkness isn’t within yourselves. Because although Heaven IS love- it ISN’T WITHOUT WRATH. And THAT is what is upon us all.


So if Hillary Clinton isn’t guilty- and they have gone on and on that she isn’t- why the fuck does she need to be pardoned? Pardoned for WHAT exactly?


My friend Peter A Tscherneff and I had a very interesting conversation together. He has this idea of doing a 40 day strike where we don’t BUY anything for 40 days. We don’t pay our mortgages- we don’t buy ANYTHING. When he first told me about this years ago- I told him it was impossible- that no one would do this. NOW? Now I am starting to think this is the only way to regain our power. Hurt their coffers. THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING will hurt them and help us.

ALSO- he told me that offshoremen have refused to work if there is a police presence on the docks. SO- maybe instead of protesting on the roads- where people ARE DYING because they can’t reach the hospitals- which ONLY serves to piss people off- maybe we should take the fight to our ports.

If the offshoremen refuse to work if there is a police presence- it will effectively KILL shipping. WHICH WILL HELP. AND people won’t hate you for doing what you are doing now.

It is something to consider- unless of course you still have hopes that you are going to undo the electoral college and elect Hillary- which is insane sounding to me.

Do something effective. You want a voice? Then get yourselves one. But making people hate you DOES NOT AND WILL NOT help your cause.

And it is only a matter of time before people just run your dumb asses over. Get a clue- be smart- and make an EFFECTIVE change. Cause all of this violence- all of this arson and aggression- ISN’T helping do anything but make the rest of the population STAND AGAINST YOU.


Idiots think twice when they realize that there is armed resistance waiting for them. I mean- JUST LOOK AT OUR GOVERNMENT.


Why don’t I adhere blindly to the Bible? Because I grew up with a group of Luciferians who laugh at believers for holding dear something that THEY THEMSELVES instrumented. The Catholic Church has MILES of info hidden under the Vatican- do you ACTUALLY believe that ALL OF IT- is in that book? Let me testify- IT ISN’T. And just because none of you practice witchcraft and sorcery because it is forbidden in your book- doesn’t mean everyone does the same. And the shit I was taught AINT in your Bible.


We must show OURSELVES the same compassion that we show others, and vise versa. It is a balance. A balance we all must learn, otherwise it is easy to start feeling used and drained. THAT is why the FIRST commandment is to love God- which I call Heaven. Our Father and Mother can fill your cup- and WANT too- you just have to love yourself enough to allow it


Our focus need to go BACK to where it should have STAYED on in the first place- on THE CHILDREN. NOT white people NOT black people. NOT Latino people. NOT Americans. NOT Russians. NOT Chinese. NOT. Christians. NOT Jews. NOT ANYTHING BUT CHILDREN. They are ALL OF OUR FUTURE- we need to remember that.


People ask me why I am so harsh when it comes to my message- and I think this best sums it up.

I once asked my sister if she could give me a number of the people she personally watched slaughtered as a child- and she replied “No. Can you?”

Of course the answer to that question is no. No I can’t. They all blend in to the chorus of screams that have haunted me in my sleep for my entire life.

The gravity of this situation is intense, esp. now. I am claiming these assholes- and anyone and everyone who has been infected by them with the darkness. Why? Because my Mother’s garden WILL NOT be decimated a second time- and evil obviously spreads like a plague within mankind- and so, since they HAVE to go SOMEWHERE- the darkness is a perfect spot for them.

Separation from “God” and all that.

So am I harsh? Yeah- and the funny thing is- not one of you can even begin to imagine how TRUE that statement is. I know a lot of what is in the darkness because I PUT a lot of it there- so love or don’t love. It isn’t any skin off my nose- but if you are stupid enough to fuck this up- you WILL be claimed.

And if you don’t like that- that is simply tough shit. You can’t UNCAST what you have already cast- and besides- we are WAY beyond that now, so buck the fuck up and realize the darkness doesn’t care.

You draw it too you- it will claim you. PERIOD. And the only way to stop that is to love. The dark has no power over love. Any thing else is FAIR GAME.


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