About Yesterdays Election….

I could not have asked for a better result in this election- although, like many others, I was shocked.

No one really likes Donald Trump- and even fewer respect him. He was elected by hate and derision- and the fact that people hated Hillary more. But those two aspects- those are part of the DARKNESS- and THAT is what I was trained to influence.

I couldn’t have asked for better with Trump. He is ignorant, stupid, and self-satisfied- all aspects EASILY influenced by the dark. Hillary would have been a WAY harder opponent- as she knew how things worked and how to use that, but Trump doesn’t have a fucking clue. It makes it ALL too easy.

And not only did I get Trump- but all of his supporters and many of his haters as well, as this election brought out the authenticity of people. Evil is MUCH easier to identify when hate is promoted and celebrated- and THAT is the very thing that DRAWS darkness. So not only can the darkness influence Trump- but ALSO all of those who are focused on him.

And the House and Senate becoming republican was AMAZINGLY GOOD LUCK FOR ME. You see, you think that your signatures on pieces of paper are going to control what is already happening- and I find that ignorance to be amusing.

Let me remind all of you that history ALWAYS repeats itself- and in every revolution that has occurred in the history of man- it has ALWAYS been the ELITE who were murdered first- followed by the Universities. You have started something you can’t stop- and this election has been the spark that is lighting off this powder keg we call America.

And right after America falls- the rest of the world will fall like dominoes.

As you are all aware, the FUN is JUST beginning.

And none of you are going to be able to control it. And you have a leader who fucks up everything he touches in charge. Damn karma can be a bitch- don’t you think?

It truly is funny how things are working out, isn’t it? So get ready- because things are going to become VERY interesting and since we have all long since past the point of return- there is absolutely NO getting off this ride now.

And let me assure all of you connected to the Order- as well as those who follow you- this ride is JUST FUCKING STARTING and is JUST BEGINNING to become your realities. Realities that are going to envelope your existence for longer than you can even begin to conceptualize- so get used to the chaos.

Let’s see if you can bring order to it.

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