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The issue every one of you have- REGARDLESS of who you are voting for- is that NONE of you- with any amount of sincerity- can claim your candidate doesn’t lie. NONE OF YOU CAN DO THIS. I personally don’t trust liars- but then I guess that is just me. But claiming your candidate is better than the other by quoting all the scandals the opponent are involved with DOES NOT- nor SHOULD IT- make you comfortable for who you are choosing. They both suck- and the fact that you are EVEN CONSIDERING voting for either one of them shows ALL OF YOU- PERSONALLY- what sheep you REALLY HAVE BECOME.


Much of the info in the Podesta dump is bullshit. Luciferians DON’T PAINT SYMBOLS IN BLOOD. They don’t eat semen- well- not in rituals anyway- but when this shit is discovered- this crap will make EVERYTHING false- and that is why it is being done. Until Assange shows himself PUBLICLY- not on something videotaped sometime else- I truly do not believe Assange is behind Wikileaks anymore.

so they paint their walls with bloody symbols? have you ever tried to get rid of blood? do they just repaint their houses every time? This is stupid if you think about it. Of course- most won’t.


when will people wake up to the fact that our candidates are working IN CONJUNCTION with each other- for the SAME SYSTEM THEY HAVE PLEDGED THEIR SOULS TOO?


They use EVERYTHING THEY CAN to deceive us- but you are all running around thinking that Wikileaks is fucking gospel. No- they would NEVER use Wikileaks to deceive us. They will use everything else- but NOT Wikileaks.

But when this Podesta shit comes out as fake- IT WILL ALL BE FAKE. Just like it ALWAYS HAS BEEN.


So Trump isn’t one of them huh? So when is the last time any of YOU got invited to these elite’s parties? When was the last time Epstein wanted to fly YOU on his private jet to his pedophile island? When have YOU gotten your pic taken with these rich and powerful? He isn’t part of them- but he has spent his entire life hanging with them. So how does that work exactly?


So if you are choosing Trump because he isn’t “part of the establishment” why aren’t you extolling the virtues of the guy who is running wearing a boot on his head? He OBVIOUSLY isn’t part of the establishment- but I don’t see you all flocking to him. And personally- I would LOVE a free pony.


If Assange is supposed to still be in the embassy- why did the police pressence disappear the day everything went down? The next day there was none- although it had been that way from the bwginning. What changed?

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