The Connection Between Jacob Wetterling and JonBenet Ramsey

Two cases- both freezing cold- suddenly solved within a month of each other. Hmmmm

I couldn’t understand why they are suddenly “solving” these cases- but now I understand. The common denominator in BOTH of these cases is that the REAL perps are connected to this government sanctioned MKUltra program (as Monarch isn’t real- but is used commonly by many) and child sex trafficking. THIS is why they are suddenly focusing on these cases- because my father was DEFINITELY involved- and although I do not know much about the JonBenet Ramsey case- this assertion that she was murdered by a NINE YEAR OLD BOY- who was not only able to murder her but COMPLETELY COVER IT UP is SO ABSURD it defies reality, I am pretty sure that Timothy Holmseth is probably onto something.

But it is THIS they are trying to cover up- and not very well I might add.

“Timothy Charles Holmseth, an author and journalist from East Grand Forks, Minnesota, received a threatening telephone message today from an unidentified caller after publishing a story that links the JonBenet Ramsey murder to a CIA behavioral engineering program called Project Monarch”


Don’t get caught up on a name. No- the name Monarch ISN’T real. It is a name that has been used because it makes people think of butterflies. It was used the SAME WAY Stranger Things on Netflix is being used. They are trying to normalize it and make it seem cool- because who WOULDN’T want to be like Nine? What they have been doing- AND STILL ARE- is VERY real, but the name Monarch is most definitely not.

And the only job police are doing with this is covering it up- unless of course you believe this socially awkward adult- who doesn’t possess the cognitive abilities NOW- AS AN ADULT- to pull this off was a GENIUS murderer at the age of NINE.

And far as MKUltra- we can’t forget Sarah Kershaw- who was investigating it and it’s connections to secret microwave weapons that our media has just said in the past month or so that not only do they exist- but that they are going to be used on US citizens to show the rest of the world THAT THEY ARE SAFE!

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