The Facts of the Matter

I was thinking how ironic it is that Trump is running with this ” Make America Great Again” because a change IS upon us- but it extends WAY beyond national borders. What we are about to see is making MANKIND great again.

Flat out- you will do what we have been COMMANDED to do- and LOVE- or you will be claimed by the Darkness that our prestigious elite have so willingly opened the door too. Love WAS NEVER A FUCKING SUGGESTION- it was a COMMANDMENT- and so you will do what you have been COMMANDED to do- or you will suffer the MOST SEVEREST OF CONSEQUENCES.

You can bitch- you can argue- you can do whatever it is you need to do to keep yourself from doing what you have been COMMANDED to do- and that is LOVE- but in the end- despite your complaints- despite your protests- despite your manipulations of reality- YOU WILL BE FUCKING CLAIMED. That is just the way it IS- it is how things ARE- and if you don’t like it- tough fucking shit.

This time around it isn’t about love and retribution. This time around it is about WRATH and RETRIBUTION. We have always been warned- and the fact that some have completely disregarded this is completely inconsequential. You do what you have been COMMANDED to do- or you will be claimed. Period.


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