The Official FACTS Being Presented In the Jacob Wetterling Abduction Cold Case

Fact: Jacob Wetterling was abducted October 22, 1989 at 9 PM in Minnesota at night on a deserted road that had no street lights. We are NOW being told that Jacob’s abductor had panty hose over his face- but we have detailed abductor pics that were distributed directly after the abduction- and there is absolutely NO WAY this could be possible considering the circumstances.

Fact: The abductor pics being presented NOW are NOT the ones that were presented by the police in 89. They are different. And comparing the abductor Danny Heinrich to his abductor pic- we are being lead to believe that in 28 years the man HASN’T AGED. He looks JUST LIKE the abductor pic they are presenting, which is different from the other four that came out immediately after the abduction. And we can’t forget he was 27 at the time.

Fact: The DNA, the body, the confession from the imprisoned felon, EVERYTHING ABOUT WHAT HAS COME OUT- has come from our government and our media. Two weeks after my (David Shurter) interview on the John B. Well’s show Caravan To Midnight where I detailed out the problems with this case- it was solved with body and abductor and EVERYTHING- a case which they couldn’t break for the past 28 years-which SUDDENLY gets … I don’t even know what to call it- which seems like QUITE the coincidence considering the timing- esp. when you hear exactly what I said on Well’s show.

Fact: Not only has the official story changed several times- like when first reported they claimed Jacob Wetterling’s mother identified him and now they are claiming forensic work was done to determine the body- which no one has seen or knows where they found it- is Jacob- now through DNA. This masked abductor- with panty hose on his head- in complete darkness- has now been reported to be in several cars- and, in fact- the last story they just released- on WCCO- their local news tv station, is that he WALKED JACOB DOWN THE ROAD ON FOOT.

Fact: THEY NOW CLAIM THEY HAVE LOST THE 911 CALLS. I just don’t have anything to say to this- esp when you consider everything else- you would have to be a COMPLETE MORON to believe what they are saying.

Fact: My dad- Robert Lynn Shurter Jr.- abducted Jacob. My family was involved with a government run child trafficking ring so if they investigate him- and my family- it is going to lead to Omaha- and all the stuff that was going on there in the 80’s, as the Franklin Credit Union was the VERY LEAST of what was going on. And considering both of our presidential candidates are directly linked to convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein, his private plane deemed the “Lolita Express”, and his private pedophile island where is it is known- without a doubt- that children were (are?) being raped there- in fact both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have been named the MOST in Epstein’s “little black book”- THERE IS AN OBVIOUS REASON WHY THEY WOULDN’T WANT ANY OF THE TRUTH OF THIS COMING OUT IN AN ELECTION YEAR.

So take it for what it is worth…

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