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Breaking News About Anton Scalia

Dave Valentine: Texas state law enforcement officials have declined to identify the gender of the 13 year old sex slave who slashed Scalia’s throat in what Texas officials describe as death by natural causes, no autopsy required… Although this is a violation of state law.

Regarding the US Camps and the End Times…

There has been a lot of conversation regarding the camps that America has built, and the miles of coffins they have constructed that hold five bodies a piece, and the 40,000 guillotines that have been brought in. Many are convinced that our government is planning something terrible- and they are correct. They have been planning […]

Anton Scalia is Just the Beginning

It seems the darkness is beginning to claim my personal abusers first and Scalia was up front and center in my abuse. The cult all believed they would live forever, and they are going too- just not in the way they thought. Maybe Doug Mesner/ satanist Lucien Greaves can work one of his spells to […]

Concerning the Darkness for Everyone…

Faith without action is worthless, and in the end, it will not be honored. The fact is- the whole human existence has been directly influenced by the Fallen from the very beginning. Otherwise, the Devil would not have been able to make the offer to Jesus that he did. Our final test is before us- […]

With Regards To Murdering Children…Best to Begin Looking in Your Own Direction

It has come to my attention that the “opposition’s” new argument is concerning the fact that I spoke about being forced to murder young boys and then being made to have sex with the dead children when I was a child on the Richie Allen show during my last interview. I guess they feel that […]


An Urgent Message to Victims of this Global Elite Pedophile Group

The Strange Death of Survivor Lori Sears King aka Shadow- One of the Founders of Ivory Garden

Lori King was a well-known survivor advocate who was one of the founders of Ivory Garden, which is a non profit corporation for victims- who was found dead on October 18, 2015 in a hotel room in Indian Valley, Virginia. Lori was an administrator of IGDID for 6 years and was one of the most […]

My New Interview on the Richie Allen Show The Richie Allen Show on featuring David Icke talking about his infamous 1991 interview with the late Sir Terry Wogan. Also, David Shurter, the author of “Rabbit Hole, A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story”, tells Richie that tens of thousands of children are murdered in satanic abuse orgies each year! Support the show […]

Australian Victim Fiona Barnett’s New Documentary

STATEMENT My witness of the atrocities performed by Kathy Devine in Dec 2015: 1. Kathy Devine contacted me and offered her assistance as a referee for my accommodation. She suppressed her family link to Space Property and seemed to block my lease applications. 2. Kathy totally invaded my personal space and interfered with my things, […]