With Regards To Murdering Children…Best to Begin Looking in Your Own Direction

It has come to my attention that the “opposition’s” new argument is concerning the fact that I spoke about being forced to murder young boys and then being made to have sex with the dead children when I was a child on the Richie Allen show during my last interview. I guess they feel that they can use it as another desperate attempt to discredit me- even though this all occurred all the way up until I turned 10. So unless you believe that I was America’s most prolific serial killer from three up until the age of 10, when I suddenly found a change of heart and just stopped- it is obvious that I was forced to do this, which- of course I was. In fact, each aspect of what they did to me was designed to turn me into a psychopath, and so this is just one version of the atrocities they forced me to endure as a young child. They really thought that if they exposed me to enough violence, torture, and murder- that I would acquire a taste for it. I never did, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get an A+ for the effort.

I was taught all about the occult. How to cast spells and curses and almost all of my training was focused on psychic energy manipulation. Practicing magic was the primary focus with my training- that, and communing with demons. Now I know this opposition group will jump on this and try to discredit me for saying this- but the fact is, I have long since realized that what I am saying is not dependent on public opinion. Whether people believe me or not doesn’t negate the fact that I am just saying WHAT IS, and what anyone thinks or doesn’t think in no way negates the truth of it.

This opposition keeps looking to expose a dark side of me that they are sure exists, and they are correct, it most certainly does. So let me expound about that.

My childhood was horrific and I spent many years consumed in hatred because of it. Angry at God, angry at those who had hurt me, and angry at myself for not being able to do anything about it, I became almost consumed by my hate and need for revenge and I spent hours every day-year after year, trying to figure out a way to strike back at those who had hurt me in such irreparable ways. But try as I might, I couldn’t figure out a way to make them suffer ENOUGH. The hate within my imagination as to what I might inflict on each of them knew inexhaustible depths, and the depravity within my rage both repulsed and compelled me in such a way that, after a while, I couldn’t run away from it anymore. I had to face and embrace it or risk it completely consuming me.

Learning shamanism saved my life, as well as my soul- because it was during a series of journeys many years ago that I was instructed to channel all my hate and rage into the dark, a horrible place that is completely devoid of God. In doing so, I was able to channel my hate and rage in such a way that I could eventually separate it, but this still an ongoing process. But regardless, I have cast countless spells, for close to two decades- into the darkness in ways that defy compassion to such an extreme that, in its totality, is completely incomprehensible- even to me. But it helped me focus my rage and channel it in such a way that it has allowed me to separate myself from it while being able to give it a life of its own- a life that it so richly deserves.

This darkness has been a place that I have been able to construct-built in accordance to what my abusers wanted- not for themselves but for everyone else, using abilities that they instilled in me when I was a child, who never once considered that I would be able to use those abilities against them eventually- which I have- in ways they can’t even begin to grasp at this point.

Personally, I hope that they don’t pay for their crimes for even a moment on this side as I don’t want the slightest thought of redemption from even crossing their tiny little minds before they are claimed. What awaits those who love and desire the dark is a good God damned dose of their heart’s desire- a gift delivered up close and personal -which is just the way they like it, and is far worse than anything anyone could think of here- FAR, FAR, FAR WORSE.

There are some who will run in circles concerning what I have just said. But nothing anyone says will negate the truth in what I have just stated. I used was I was taught as a child always with the sole focus on completely fucking each and every one of them, and this obsession has pervaded all aspects my life at some point or other, but trust me when I say that they are all completely fucked, and in ways you couldn’t imagine in your absolute worst nightmares.

It is just a simple case of separating the wheat from the chaff. If there is darkness in your heart- then the darkness is going to claim you. In fact, many of you are beginning to see the effects of the spell I recently cast where it is now beginning to claim you from the inside. It is, so to speak, eating you alive. This darkness that is coming for all of you is hungry- and has a life of its own. It cannot- nor will it ever be stopped. And it was given this life by my transferring all of the nasty energy bestowed upon me by the cult who believed I would be possessed and become the antichrist by my 40th birthday and proved this by offering their souls allegiance to me as a child- thus bonding themselves to me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. But shamanism changed the playing field for me, and mastering it was easy considering my training, and with it I discovered that FREE WILL is a gift directly given to us by God- thus no man can deny another theirs, and so I took what I was taught and did something completely different from what it was intended for. And now all of you are completely and utterly fucked.

I have said it before- and I will say it again, the game has changed drastically- and now we are playing Come Clean or Be Claimed. In fact I am thinking that those of you so involved with the dark- and you know who you are- are all beginning to feel the physical effects of what I am speaking about. There is only one road to redemption, and if you choose not to walk it- then the darkness is claiming your asses, Period. No denial, no manipulation, nor any argument is going to change the truth of what I am telling all of you. And you are all quickly running out of time. But I don’t think, at this point, that I have to tell any of you because you are already beginning to figure it out for yourselves. It is time to pay the Piper- so I suggest you all get ready, because it is going to be one FUCK of a ride.

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