Regarding the US Camps and the End Times…

There has been a lot of conversation regarding the camps that America has built, and the miles of coffins they have constructed that hold five bodies a piece, and the 40,000 guillotines that have been brought in. Many are convinced that our government is planning something terrible- and they are correct. They have been planning on this for a long time now- as we can see with all of the effort and money that has been spent on all of this. But now they find themselves in a situation where they are not able to implement their plans. Why do I say this? Because I was taught as a child that by 2015 these killing camps were to be in full operation and it is obvious that they are not. These had been the plans for an awful long time, but now something has become amiss concerning this operation. They no longer have the power to engage their plans. They have everything built- and everything is prepared- but now they can no longer figure out how to pull off their plans. Basically because the power that fueled them- protected them- has been removed and they are at a complete loss as to how to get everything back to the way it was.

Justice Anton Scalia was found with a pillow over his head. Was he murdered? I don’t think anyone will really ever know the truth, but he hasn’t been the first- nor will he be the last. Was his death supernatural? Did the Grim Reaper suddenly appear and claim him? He is, no doubt, dead as a door nail- but how did it happen? I have an idea.

You see, when you practice dark magic- and there is a group who is most definitely guilty of doing this- it opens you up in ways that aren’t really in your best interest. Possession CAN and DOES happen- and it can make you do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise if left on your own accord. I am not saying that the “devil made you do it”, but there ARE beings who have a vast amount of influence on the human species, and they have the power to encourage us in ways that we can’t fight. This group of Luciferians was able to influence these beings for a long time- from the beginning of the human species actually- but now that time is over. However, having opened themselves up like they have- THEY are now the ones who have to be afraid of being influenced by these beings.

Luciferians eat their own. When someone becomes a problem- they are just simply removed, and that generally means that they are murdered. It is symbolic of their hearts intentions, and it is what opens them to be influenced. And the fact is, the beings they manipulated and used are angry. So now they are striking back. As a result- we, as a global population- are going to see more and more of them die. Which is actually quite funny- considering that this group of Luciferians was really under the impression that they would live forever. They are- but not in this realm- and certainly not in the way that they believed.

There is a darkness that is coming to claim them. They believed from the very beginning that mankind was involved with an upcoming war with Heaven and that they would be the victors, but that time has come and gone and the war is OVER- and now the time has come to claim the spoils of war. Whatever you might believe, I can assure you of one thing, and that is that no one is able the thwart the will of Heaven. It’s will is absolute, and now it is beginning to claim those who have stood against it from the very beginning. The “demons” this group has manipulated for centuries have all been brought back into Heaven- embraced by all who reside there- and have now joined forces with all of those who oppose this group of Luciferians- who have done so much nasty stuff that it has become impossible for them to gain any sort of redemption. Thus they are now beginning to get claimed by the darkness they have worshiped all this time. Heaven stands to give us our hearts desire- and now they are about to get theirs.

Mankind has always been on a spiritual plane. Being created in the image of God does NOT mean that God has two arms, two legs, a torso and a head- but rather we have been given the ability to create and manifest life. Luciferians have always known this- and in my experience, they are the only ones who actually knew the mysteries of life, which is why they have promoted this idea that God can only be found in a book or a religion. Their goal was to turn everyone away from God and so we have been fed a bunch of lies from the very beginning, as you can see when you consider that the Catholic Church- which has stood as the pinnacle of development for mankind- now has an undisputed history off raping and hurting everyone’s children. This was all done on purpose- with a goal in mind- and the damage that this group of devil worshipers has done has been vast- but has definitely not gone on unnoticed by God and all of Heaven. Nothing is secret in Heaven- and now, Heaven has begun to answer the cries of the faithful. Thus the Luciferians are about to be claimed- IN MASS. Heaven is separating the rest of the souls from the evil this group has perpetrated, and blessing the evil doers with the very existence they have worked so hard to build.

Look around and will notice that their little plans have not worked the way they have in the past for the last 10 years now. They don’t seem to be able to hide anything- not like before- and they certainly don’t have the power to do what they see fit. The days concerning their protection and rise to power is OVER- and now the cost of what they have done is demanding payment, and there is absolutely NOTHING they can do about it. They can wage all of the social campaigns they want- they can lie to their hearts content- but the fact is- the power that protected and promoted them is gone- and it is never going to return. Having become completely dependent on that power- they are now at a complete loss- as nothing they do or say will have the effect that it once had. Worse yet for them, they are beginning to realize how incredibly wrong they have been- and that things are not going to work out like they thought. NOT AT ALL.

Never once in their tiny little hearts and minds did they figure that they would lose, and now that they have- they are at a complete loss as to what to do. The systems, supported by certain entities and governed by them, are now all failing and there is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do to change this. They were right- the gates of Heaven are located in the heart of Ophiuchus- which we are now at astrologically- but Heaven is not going to be taken over and burned- and this Luciferian group is certainly not going to be given the keys to mankind. The “war”- if you want to call it that- is over. And now this group is all getting claimed. The outcome has ALWAYS been foretold- but just because they chose not to believe doesn’t change what IS- and what always has been. We are at the time of judgement- and they have been judged- HARSHLY. And nothing they do or say will change that fact one iota. So if the claiming of Anton Scalia has your interest peaked- then stay tuned- because this is JUST BEGINNING.

It isn’t a good time to be a soulless devil worshiper- and it doesn’t matter if they don’t believe in God or Heaven, because God and Heaven MOST ASSUREDLY have them in mind. The time has come to pay the piper- and the cost for playing is exorbitant. They wanted war- now they are going to be claimed as casualties of that war. But don’t take my word for it- just watch and see for yourselves.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the FEMA coffins…