Anton Scalia is Just the Beginning

It seems the darkness is beginning to claim my personal abusers first and Scalia was up front and center in my abuse. The cult all believed they would live forever, and they are going too- just not in the way they thought.

Maybe Doug Mesner/ satanist Lucien Greaves can work one of his spells to protect all of you. He can wear his devil hat and get as many gay people to kiss each other, say a little satanic prayer- and do whatever his idiot childlike brain can think of to give you all protection- but I don’t believe any social campaign, which is the only thing he seems to be able to accomplish, will help any of you. He may not believe in what he is doing, but that can certainly not be said about me. And he and his little group can say whatever they want about me but that won’t change the facts. And that fact is that the darkness you all have worshiped for so long is now coming to claim you. ALL OF YOU. And there is absolutely nothing any of you can do to stop it.

Neither your money, your postions, or any of your friends can stop the darkness from claiming you. You can deny all you want- you can say whatever you want with concerns about me, but I can assure all of you that none of you will be laughing in the end.

As Scalia has shown you, your time is running short. And it is going to get increasingly shorter. Satanist Lucien Greaves isn’t real, but thanks to all of your concerted efforts, I most assuredly am, and I have excelled in my training to such a degree that you are all about to personally experience just how real I am.

Scalia isn’t the first, and he sure as fuck isn’t going to be the last. And no rituals, no incantations, no ANYTHING is going to stop what is coming for you all. So take comfort in the fact that it is now time to pay the piper- and the fee for services is beyond any of your comprehensions.

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