The Strange Death of Survivor Lori Sears King aka Shadow- One of the Founders of Ivory Garden

Lori King was a well-known survivor advocate who was one of the founders of Ivory Garden, which is a non profit corporation for victims- who was found dead on October 18, 2015 in a hotel room in Indian Valley, Virginia. Lori was an administrator of IGDID for 6 years and was one of the most influential and effective survivor advocates on Ivory Garden. Her dead body was found by a transvestite who goes by the name of Menagerie, who, from what I have been told- had ingratiated herself and taken complete control over Lori. Menagerie told police that he was with Lori at the time of her death and watched her die. This case was not in any way investigated, and there is no mention of the details of her death anywhere that I can find.

I have misgivings about this case. First of all- I believe, in my interactions with Menagerie- that she is the False Memory Syndrome Foundation advocate that I have been fighting with for years on Amazon- who goes by the name of Critthink. I met Menagerie at the first conference that Ivory Garden hosted in Seattle, who was with Lori King, and watched the two of them rush the stage while Colin Ross was speaking- interrupting the conference in order to give roses to Pat Goodwin- who is the President of Ivory Garden. Menagerie was recognized as a result as a member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation group.

Menagerie has done his best to divide survivors and get them to mistrust each other. He sends survivors stuffed animals, encourages and demands that they speak baby talk with her- and has done his best to get the private information of all survivors. He, in my opinion, is a plant sent in by the CIA based group the False Memory Syndrome Foundation- who is doing his best to divide and separate survivors from speaking up. I have heard, from several resources that he is nice when you do what he wants, but when a victim tries to pull away- he uses their private info to get them fired from their jobs, ruins their marriages, and seeks to destroy the victims in any way that he can.

The most damning part of this is that right before Lori King died; she reached out to other victims and claimed that she was becoming afraid of Menagerie and feared for her safety. She was dead the next day. And she was alone with Menagerie- who was the one who called police- when she died. Again- this case was not at all investigated. Menagerie told police that she had health problems and was suicidal- so they dismissed the case and decided not to investigate further.

The question I have is why is a transvestite- who is a false memory advocate- seeking out victims of ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse and ingratiating himself heavily into their lives? This seems incredibly contradictive to me- and I wonder what Menagerie’s motive is. He was driving Lori to places that were out of cell phone reach- and took her two states away from where she lived when she was found dead. Again- Menagerie was the ONLY one with Lori King at the time of her death.

There are WAY too many questions surrounding this case- and it is my opinion that this needs to be looked into rather than just be dismissed. Are the false memory advocates guilty of murdering victims that fall out of their control? Menagerie is known to go out of his way to destroy victims who pull away from him, so could there be more to this story than what anyone is being told? The answer to this is that it remains to be determined. However, there are too many questions surrounding this case to just ignore it- and I feel that it needs more investigation.


Sources have reported to me that Lori had wanted to stop hanging out with Menagerie but continued due to Menagerie threatening her. My question is- who is next?

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