Examples of an ONGOING Cover-Up Concerning Child Sex Trafficking

There is a reason why UK politicians and its leaders are desperate to portray this inquiry into crimes against children as a waste of time and money. They claim that all of the crimes are historic- and that everyone who was involved is either dead or senile. Basically, this is because they are desperate from people realizing that this mess is ONGOING, and is still happening today. However, what we are seeing is that there was a huge cover up in the 80’s when these allegations came out first- which shows that there was a strong push to attempt to hide this from the public- both in the UK and here in the states.

These types of allegations, historically- first came out in the US. In 92’, we had the CIA based group False Memory Syndrome Foundation- which consisted solely of people accused of the same types of behaviors by their own children, coin the phrase “false memories” and “satanic panic” which effectively stopped society from breaching their secrecy into the practice of using children in a multi-billion dollar sex trafficking ring. Omaha was the first to come forward- but at the same time Omaha was using boys in the sex trade, Houston TX was involved in the same thing- as Tom Philpott showed us in the documentary “Boys for Sale”- which can be now be found on YouTube. However, all of this was covered up- just as it was in the UK. Now we are seeing the facts come forward that a directed cover-up was handled in the UK just as it was in the US- and at the same time.

That is why the case of the Hampstead children is being fought with such venom. Because it is proof that these behaviors are not centered in the past but are, in fact, ONGOING. In the US- we have seen the same types of behaviors- esp. when you look at the Jerry Sandusky case. Claims that his Second Mile High children’s foundation was selling children to a group of elite pedophiles was COMPLETELY DROPPED the minute Sandusky was found guilty. Sandusky claimed he was being used as the “fall guy” was dismissed- as people just believed that he was making excuses for himself- but the truth is, although it didn’t make him any less guilty of raping boys- he WAS used as the fall guy to prevent anyone from taking this case any further. Unless of course you believe that Sandusky was the one who made the prosecuting attorney who was attempting to investigate Penn State- Ray Gricar- disappear with the hard drive from his laptop. Someone powerful MUST be behind this- and Gricar is an example of this.

This practice of selling children into the sex trafficking industry is a MULTI-BILLION dollar business, and to think that this all just went away after events in Omaha were exposed is silly. Esp. considering that the same type of behaviors were happening in Houston TX at the same time- and let me remind everyone that George Bush Sr.- who was called out in the Franklin Case, was extremely powerful in Texas at the same time. These are just two places that this was happening, but all we have been focused on in the states is McMartin preschool- which still stands as the LONGEST and MOST COSTLY trial in American history. (And the McMartin case was only ONE of SEVEN daycares in the area who were claiming that children were being raped and satanically ritually abused, but this has ALSO remained quiet). Still- the tunnels that the children spoke about concerning this preschool were kept silent until the trial was over and weren’t discovered until AFTERWARDS- after the building had already been demolished. Considering that this case was so huge- the question must be asked- HOW DID THESE TUNNELS REMAIN SECRET THROUGHOUT THIS TRIAL? Again- it shows that this was done deliberately- and we need to ask ourselves WHY and WHO was powerful enough to make this happen.

There is a hard push to keep all of these cover ups in the past. We are being led to believe that everyone involved is either dead or senile- but what we need to ask ourselves is whether this is STILL happening. The Hampstead case, and all of the other cases that have claimed it is- must all be looked at. I mean, if a cover up happened before- and we are all starting to realize that it did, why should we think that the same thing isn’t happening NOW? All indications show that it is- and yet our leaders want to claim that they aren’t. And yet- they were the very ones who hid it in the first place- making it obvious that they simply CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

From what I understand, this whole mess has evolved and now has its tentacles in our Child Protective Services. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children claim that a child is disappearing every 27 seconds- making that number out to be 800,000 children a year, and yet we are told that nothing is happening and there is nothing to be concerned with. This doesn’t even include what is happening in our CPS organizations. The question is then- how much money is being made with this and to what extent are these crimes happening today. And if there obviously was a cover-up at the time these allegations came out in the past- what proof do we have that it isn’t happening again? The fact that the UK “accidentally” erased their entire data base concerning organized pedophile rings indicates that this is still ACTIVELY being covered up, which begs the question WHY? And just as all investigations were stopped here in America due to “national security”- the same thing is happening in the UK. So how is the raping and sex trafficking of children a matter of national security? What it indicates is that our leaders are involved with this and they will use whatever methods they have at their disposal to keep it quiet.

We, as a society, have a chance to make a difference this time. The Hampstead children are facing a custody hearing in February and it looks as if Pauffley- the family court judge who is in charge of this case and has done an 11 DAY investigation into it- is going to reward the father- who the children have stated are abusing the children, with custody. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!! We have a chance to help these children- and should be doing everything we can to facilitate their safety. When this is over- we THEN need to see to what extent this is all playing out in other children’s lives- and we MUST bring this to an end. Just taking the word of the accused- considering that we now know they have been instrumental in covering all of this up- MUST STOP. Otherwise- it will make us all- as a whole- complicit in allowing children to be raped and abused so that our leaders and elite can make a buck. Children are God’s favorite- it has been said over and over- and if we turn our backs from this- we are effectively turning our backs on God- and that has NEVER had good consequences.

We, as HUMAN BEINGS, must make a stand. Our time is NOW. So please, do whatever you can and involve yourselves in any way you can to help change this so that our children remain safe. If we don’t- it will only be a matter of time before ALL OF THE CHILDREN are involved. That means yours. So unless you are okay with your children being sold and raped by elite pedophiles, you MUST take a stand. Our very humanity DEMANDS this.

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