It Is Time Americans Take to the Streets and Start Marching Against Our Government

What with the black site in Chicago where citizens are being tortured, and the GOP writing a treasonous letter to Iran to try and get us into yet another war, and police killing 1-2 American citizens a day- the time has come for us to TAKE TO THE STREETS AND MARCH.

It is obvious to me and many others that the republican party thinks they are going to succeed in a coup to take over America. This is going to succeed if American citizens just sit back and allow these types of behaviors to continue.

Our rich republican elites are doing what they can to destroy the poor and middle class by destroying the American way of life. By bypassing the president and trying to take control- this is the type of behavior that is going to enslave us all and get us into yet another war. In the past- these 47 republicans would have been tried for treason. Such needs to be true today. We, as American citizens- need to show our solidarity and send a message that this type of behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

The time has come for us to take the streets and protest what is happening in our nation. We can no longer just sit back and let these rich bastards destroy what has taken over 200 years to build. We MUST TAKE BACK THE REIGNS OF POWER IN OUR NATION AND PUT OUR LEADERS BACK IN THEIR PLACES! If any of us as individuals did what these politicians are guilty of- we would be imprisoned for life. The same MUST HOLD TRUE FOR OUR LEADERS. Otherwise, we- as an American nation- are doomed.

And while you are at it- please sign this petition.

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