Contrary to What the False Memory Foundation Club Members Assert, Kevin Annett is NOT The Spokesperson for Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse

This morning I was on Facebook and saw that this new website was being shared.

I would like to address this situation in order to bring some facts forward so that people can understand what is happening with sites like this.

Kevin Annett is all over the internet as a self proclaimed authority on SRA, and although I know little personally about this man, I can assure people that he is not the spokesperson for those who claim that they are victims of satanic ritual abuse. The False Memory Foundation is focusing solely on him and Judy Byington, who wrote 22 Faces, as a way to dismiss and discredit all survivors, claiming that since they think they are wrong, it proves that satanic ritual abuse must be false as well.

Years ago- I had the chance to support Annett in some kind of coalition, and though I initially agreed, I quickly changed my mind since I realized that I knew nothing about this man and became wary of associating myself with someone who was claiming the position that he was. He has made claims that the Pope has eaten babies, along with other seemingly outrageous claims, but what bothered me most is that the False Memory supporters have focused SOLELY on this man in order to try and discredit SRA. This website- written by yet ANOTHER anonymous person (most all supporters who are publicly defending the False Memory Foundation ALWAYS do so anonymously), is a perfect example of this.

The article leaves out some incredibly important facts. First of all, the term “false memories” was coined by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, although it has been proven that false memories are not a syndrome at all. They did so in an attempt to turn the tide of the myriad of reports that children were being sexually trafficked and satanically abused by their daycare facilities. McMartin Preschool, which is specifically named in this article on the website- is usually the one they focus on.

McMartin was indeed the longest and most costly legal battle in American history. A plethora of children claimed to be abused at this daycare, claiming that they were being taken down in tunnels underneath the daycare and being forced to murder animals and perform satanic rites there. For those of you who would like to know more- I suggest you read Ross E. Cheit’s book “The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children”, found on Amazon. What is most disturbing about this case for me is that, after the trial- in which NO ONE WAS CONVICTED- an archaeological dig was performed where not only the tunnels the children spoke about were discovered, but was complete with the bones of small animals and satanic relics. My question has always been if these tunnels existed, which the obviously did, why were they not presented in court? Key evidence was kept out of the court proceedings, and one has to ask them self why? And more specifically- HOW? This fact is ALWAYS kept silent by False Memory supporters, who present whatever promotes their assertions and leaving out the facts that don’t support their opinions.

Doug Mesner is also included in this article. Of course, he actually goes by the name Lucien Greaves- a self proclaimed satanist who has thrown two satanic rallies for Rick Scott in Florida, is directly responsible for the building and displaying of a statue erected in Oklahoma beside the 10 Commandments of the devil with two adoring children below, and going to court to allow his group to distribute satanic based literature to children in Florida. Personally, having dealt with this arrogant idiot first hand, I have come to the same conclusion that his friends and colleagues have asserted about him all over the internet- that he is doing so in order to gain money and fame. I also think that he is doing so for another reason, and that is to take focus off a man by the name of Col. Michael Aquino- who is founder of Temple of Set. Aquino is the real icon that lead to the forming of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, as he has been named in countless reports of people coming forward to claim that their day cares were hurting their children. It is my contention that the False Memory Foundation is desperate to separate Aquino from the whole focus on satanic ritual abuse, and they are substituting a man who feels entitled in every way. Mesner is being used as a distraction so that people don’t focus on Aquino. The same way they are using Annett.

The False Memory Foundation continuously asserts that large scale conspiracies don’t exist- that they are an impossible. Of course- looking at the history of America and its CIA group- this belief doesn’t hold water. They do exist, and have existed for quite some time- and there are examples after examples of this to be true. They contend that our government is innocuous, and that they are incapable of doing things that can be kept away from the public- but this flies in the face of what we all know about our government. Actually- the False Memory Foundation was FORMED to support the government, esp. considering that in ’92- when the foundation was formed, our national media was reporting that a wide spread child abduction and sex trafficking ring lead right up to the first Bush White House. They have done their best to attack and discredit in any way they can ANYONE AND EVERYONE who would talk about SRA, having a long history of suing and silencing therapists who were brave enough to try and help survivors.

Even on Amazon, within the comment section of Byington’s book 22 Faces, False Memory supports like Karmakaze and a transsexual who goes by Critthink, have done their best to defect the events surrounding my abuse in Omaha by trying to equate them with anything they can to discredit me. Just recently- during an exchange with Karmakaze- this anon tried to suggest that because Utah investigated SRA claims and found nothing that this proves that the many allegations surrounding Omaha are false. Of course one only has to view the British documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” to realize that these claims are bogus. Generally comparing apples to oranges in order to prove their claims, this is a perfect example of the misguided intellect that is being used to try and silence survivors. The same is being done with Kevin Annett. If he is proven wrong, then ALL SURVIVORS are proven to be liars. And as the blog I listed here shows, they do this time and time again to try and achieve their objective.

The False Memory people think that people are stupid and if left to their own devices they will enact another “witch hunt” like they assert happened in the late 80’s and early 90s. Of course what was really being focused on was not really a group of satanists but an extensive group of PEDOPHILES who were abducting, raping, and selling children. This sole focus on satanism is nothing but an attempt to deflect from the real problem of the elite making inordinate amounts of money on the sex trafficking of children. Even now they would argue that this should not be the focus- that rather we should focus on people worshiping the devil. Of course- considering that is EXACTLY what the False Memory Foundation spokesperson Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves is doing, it is no wonder. I also think that it is prudent to mention that Doug Mesner giving himself the name “Greaves” derives from an author by the name of Philip R. Greaves who wrote a book on the wonderful nuances of pedophilia entitled “The Pedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct”, one of the only books Amazon has ever banned. Constantly treating the public as if they are stupid and a joke, it is always a laugh a minute with Doug Mesner- that is, of course, if you find pedophilia and worshiping the devil humorous. This is the reason that I, much to the chagrin of those who would promote the inconsistent arguments of the False Memory Foundation, have aptly named them the “pedophile protection squad”, as this groups ONLY objective is to attack and discredit those who claim they have been sexually abused.

I just felt that some info needed to be presented that the False Memory supporters make an extreme effort to keep from the public. Of course, if you feel that child sex trafficking doesn’t exist, or that all survivors who claim such abuse are always lying, or that the American government is trustworthy and unable to dupe the public- then by all means throw your hat in with the pedophile protection squad. However, if you feel that children need to be protected and listened too, and that claims of child sexual abuse should be taken seriously and not arbitrarily discredited- then I suggest that you do your research and learn what the False Memory Foundation REALLY stands for. Protecting the American government and child abusers who abduct, rape, and traffic children by calling all survivors liars is, in my own opinion, completely wrong- and the fact that those doing so- like Doug Mesner/ satanist Lucien Greaves, do so while promoting satanism, is disgusting.

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