An Update on My Investigation

I have to thank my stepmother’s daughter for involving herself with what I am trying to do professionally, as if I hadn’t been privy to the “confidential and secret” email she was hoping to send showed me what is probably happening every time I wish to speak. Christina Marie Shurter/Blumkin is stalking and doing her best to keep people from listening to me, protecting herself and her mother at the same time. You see- the time periods that most of the abductions my father was involved with occurred, I didn’t live at home any longer- but Chris did most certainly live there at the time- and, at least with the drugs, she was in the thick of it. Knowing more about our father and her mother than any one I could think of- she was in the midst of it, and considering she is a ninny- I don’t think that it would be that hard to glean the truth out of her if anyone bothered investigating this mess.

I know absolutely nothing about my brother Robert Lynn Shurter III, except that at one point in his room downstairs in the house that my father claimed to have skeletons in his closet was adorned with small caskets lining every wall with little dolls of children in them all around the room. My father ALSO built a sound proof room in this house- as well as rebuilding his closet and making a pedestal bed. It is my contention that Christina is correct- she has lived a MUCH different life than I did- and how different is evident in her fight against me talking about our parents. She has no clue who I am- we have neither cared for nor respected the other throughout our lives- and she knows nothing other than the of the fantasy world she has made up in order to discredit me and protect not only her family- but probably herself. There is A LOT OF HIDDEN MONEY in this family set- and just where it came from would be the question everyone should be asking.

However-my family is completely incidental in what I am doing- and though they would never understand me in their narcissistic take of me, my life has evolved PAST AND BEYOND them Thank God!! and the investigations that I am into right now with the fantastic group of people who are helping me are starting to look into the connections to Olympia, WA and events here in Omaha. As such- I am going to be doing quite a bit of traveling out there and looking into things as I think there is more to this whole Process Church- which is, from what I can tell, a satanic offshoot of the Scientology religion and I think that Mesner and his clan on the internet are much more involved than I ever gave them credit for. I want to see if I can connect all of this to this crusade that is has been happening to protect pedophiles for the past three decades or so, which has fueled our epidemic of child trafficking in the nation.

However- the conference in Seattle is about Trauma, and getting beyond it. It has nothing to do with Satanic abuse- government coverups- or the fact that my father and his third wife Joanne C. Shurter- maybe with their own children involved- were abducting children and making an awful lot of money at it. The medical records of my father- and the daily notes at Methodist hospital- will show what I am saying. That is why Joanne C. Shurter had them sealed. My father came clean- and I have a feeling that the reason why Christina Marie Shurter/Blumkin is so invested in this is because she is up to it to her chin- just as her mother is.

But of course- considering how ineffective our police and politicians are around here, no one will ever know for certain.

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