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Note from My Sister Kathy in Reponse to Our Stepmother’s (Joanne C. Shurter) Daughter Christina Marie Blumkin/Shurter

Well, I have to say I was stunned to find out that Christina Shurter Blumkin has taken it upon herself to assassinate my character via emails to those interested in my speaking. It is amazing since I don’t think I have even seen Christina in the last decade. The decade before was composed of brief […]

Being Stalked by My Half Sister Christina Marie Blumkin/Shurter from Omaha NE

My half sister Chris is out trying to bad mouth me- and I am just beside myself with sadness. Writing everyone she can- trying to destroy anything that I am doing, it just makes me feel… I don’t know… on edge and defensive but also angry and sad. I am so sick of my family […]