Being Stalked by My Half Sister Christina Marie Blumkin/Shurter from Omaha NE

My half sister Chris is out trying to bad mouth me- and I am just beside myself with sadness. Writing everyone she can- trying to destroy anything that I am doing, it just makes me feel… I don’t know… on edge and defensive but also angry and sad. I am so sick of my family trying to destroy me and I have no idea what to do. I am just so tired of dealing with these buttheads all of my life. They have done everything that they can to try and destroy me- and it is just sad.

It pisses me off and I just had to vent someplace. My half sister Chris was addicted to drugs- she is trash. It doesn’t help that I still love her and wish we were close.

Sorry- just had to vent. Damn Damn Damn.

(Just a bit of facts. Christina’s biological mother is Joanne C. Shurter, who was HEAVILY INVOLVED with the activities with my father. The YOUNGEST of my older siblings is 12+ years older than I am, and Christina is 9+ years younger than I am, her younger brother- Joanne’s son- is 18+ years younger= and contrary to what she says- SHE DID NOT LIVE THE SAME FAMILY EXPERIENCE AS HER HALF MUCH OLDER SIBLINGS. She is well known in the family to be promiscuous, or at least she was until she became obese, and partakes in all kinds of drugs- or at least did when she was a kid, and although we haven’t spoken but for a handful of times in 20 years, professes, like her mother- that she is afraid of me and lives in fear. Of course- judging by the emails she sent out last night that I woke up to this morning- she doesn’t seem so afraid that she will do anything she can to bad mouth me. She again is trash, and I am so tired of this group of my family members- who are protecting each other- coming against me any and every way they can. And gossiping while trying to get the other people to be quiet about it. Just as trashy as always.)

I sent out this entry by fax and email- this is what I wrote as a header…

I am emailing this also to Gerald Friedrichsen- who is my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter’s attorney and cousin. You see- Joanne sought me out in Nebraska Furniture Mart- as can be seen in the protection orders on my website, and so I am sure that now my half sister Christina is out bad mouthing me- somehow this will become my fault and I’ll find myself in court again with Gerald- so best to have this out on the table. I will also be faxing this to Mayor Stothert , our Nebraska Governor, and my step mother’s personal judge- Douglas County Court Judge Marlon Polk.

I am sick of being harassed by my family and Gerald- who has stalked me with intimidating letters to my associates and has tried to destroy anything I have been trying to do professionally. I am also going to be writing the board of ethics- as Gerald Friedrickson is DIRECTLY AND INTIMATELY INVOLVED with my family’s wrong doings.

Just letting everyone know…..

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