Taking a Breather

I will be only posting sporadically on DavidShurter.com for the next few months in order to work on my second book- which is going to be about spirituality and will have illustrations done by a brilliant local artist who has graciously agreed to help me. This period of the year is dark for many survivor’s, and so I am going to take some time for myself until the first of the year, at which time I will probably resume writing on a more consistent basis. Focusing so much on the dark sometimes makes one forget the light- and I need to take the time to regroup and allow myself to disengage from these investigations I have been so heavily involved with. Taking the time- esp. during the holidays, to focus on my faith in God just seems like a good idea- not to mention delightful.

I will try to write a couple times a week- and I hope that I don’t put too many readers off- but when life offers such an amazing cornucopia of opportunities, sometimes you just have to let go and take the first step to new lands. That is essentially what I plan on doing. A sabbatical is in order- and so please keep checking back and I’ll try to keep everyone abreast as to what I am up too when I can.

Thanks for your readership.

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