Looking Forward to the Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Conference In Seattle October 2014

Man, to see so many survivor’s working towards a common goal has been awe inspiring, and I have been truly honored to be part of this process that is unfolding. The community is working together in a way I have never seen before, and the excitement that has already been generated by this conference has been quite noticeable.

Bringing together clinicians, survivor’s, and survivor advocates- the focus of this conference is inspiring hope and strength while educating everyone as to the tools that have helped so many of us achieve a sense of wholeness about ourselves. Offering tools for healing- we will all hopefully learn about each other that will help demystify so many misconceptions about each other as a society, bringing us together in a way that we all will leave everyone empowered. The roster is shaping up to be something spectacular, and I am not alone in being incredibly grateful for those who have come forward with an interest to speak. I have said it before, and I will say it again- this conference is going to be something to write home about.

During the conference, there will be workshops being held throughout and continuously involving art therapy, journal writing, even one where attendees will be told how to write and publish their stories. A book store complete with titles that concern healing, dissociation, and survivor’s stories, and there will be tables set up with information on a myriad of subjects involving healing and thriving in this day and age. Also, there will be presentations on such topics as EMDR, thriving through dissociation, and my sister and I will present a family’s picture of what it was like to have DID in the family.

Trauma has intense and deliberate effects on a person’s psyche, and this conference will allow everyone to come together and share experiences and knowledge in a way that allows those in attendance to feel a sense of community- not only with each other, but with their families, their supporters, and the world at large. Those who are affected by dissociative moments are more common place than ever before- and it is coming together as a group that makes this one a solid and incredibly rich experience for all. I am honored to be able to help sponsor such a fantastic event.

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