Child Sacrifices in California, Holland and Vatican Catacombs?

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret.

Author, “Twenty-Two Faces”

Oct. 21 2013

Eyewitnesses to the human sacrifice of children are exposing these cult practices of the elite by approaching members of Congress to ask for an investigation,…

Holland Therapist Toos Nijenhuis saw the ritual murders and burials of children as late as November 2010:

“The heroic effort of Toos Nijenhuis to save children from future torture and murder at the hands of powerful men is being threatened today now that others are coming forward to confirm her story,” stated Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State who first exposed Nijenhuis’s child sacrifice story. “The ITCCS is establishing local common law courts of justice that can name and try the offenders, and protect the innocent.”,,

Six year-old Jenny Hill claims being raped, tortured and made to witness a child’s murder in Garden Grove California. In her biography Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities (Tate Publishing, Oklahoma: 2012) Hill describes the June 21 1965 human sacrifice rite:,,

“Svali” claims that at age 12 and while living in San Diego County, she was taken to the Catacombs beneath the Vatican where she witnessed the sacrifice of a 3-4 year-old drugged boy. In this interview another child, “Maria,” claimed witnessing the same type of satanic murder rite at the Vatican 24 years ago:

Several European witness-survivors have named their perpetrators as Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, a second Catholic Cardinal, a French judge, Belgian priests, members of the British Royal family and Prince Bernhard of Holland. Their assaults occurred in various locations in the UK, Holland, Scotland and a military experimental base in Melbourne, Australia.

US witness-survivors including Author David Shurter, say military experimental bases were also the setting for their childhood torture. Shurter’s perpetrator US Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, was involved in CIA drug trafficking and sex abuse out of Nebraska’s Boys Town. In Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Creative, Iowa: 2012), Shurter states,” Many in Omaha believed that the Satanism being practiced in the city was linked to the government and the local Offutt Air Force Base.”

Jenny Hill’s master mind-control programmer was believed the same Nazi Dr. Green described by survivor Chris DeNicola Ebner in her testimony at the1995 Congressional Hearings on CIA human experimentation. Nicola testified that from ages 4-14 (1966-1976) she was subjected to radiation, drugs, electrodes and other child abuses including being kept in a cage by the director of the program’s office at Kansas City University, a Dr. Green:…

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