About this Apocolypse

It is my contention that the reason we are where we are as a society is because we have had a group of people running the show all around the world who seem to be hell bent on bringing forth some sort of God like event. Even the crazy lady Michelle Bachman said something just in the past few weeks about bringing forth the Rapture with our fiscal crisis. This CAN NOT be good for the direction of the country- not to mention the world- when you have a bunch of crazies who believe they can force the hand of God.

The world is NOT at an end- but if we don’t do something quickly as a species, our existence could be. People focused a while back on the 99%, but my belief is that it is the .25% of the 1% that own enough to be able to do some serious damage should be the focus- as they have and ARE creating havoc with the world in general. Seemingly wanting it all in order to full fill their gluttony, this .25% of the 1% are drunk on their own power and think that the world is at their disposal- when in fact it is quite the other way around.

We are not at the end of the game by any measure- but I do believe that we are in the Retribution, where we are all about to be judged for the love we have forsaken within the context of our own personal lives- and I think that those who have lived such hedonistic darkness are about to be claimed by the energy of their own making. This holds true for us all. No one can force the hand of God- but on the same hand- NO ONE can thwart the Will of Heaven, and since LOVE is the first commandment- I think that the love we have denied ourselves and others will be the cause of some of our demise.

Working together as a whole- we all could change the world into something we could be proud of, but in order to do that- the leadership that has been in place all over the world needs to be dealt with- as the systems seem so corrupted that they have a tendency to corrupt and drive insane those who come in contact with it… (Michelle Bachman is hardly alone). Completely out of touch with the common man- it is societies responsibility to remind our leaders that they work for US- and not the other way around. Our leaders MUST BECOME ACCOUNTABLE for their actions, otherwise we live in a land of hypocritical laws and no justice. It makes no difference how rich or how powerful they might be. Until we take Gandhi’s advice and become the change we wish to see in the world, we will continue to let our leaders run our species into the ground for fiscal gain.

One thing I have learned in life is that try as you might- you can’t eat money.

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